Monday, June 25, 2007

A gift is A GIFT

SO the trails called to us on Saturday and we responded. I was so excited to join my two girlfriends and get started. With no distance or time destination in mind we started at 8:30am. This would be considered a “fun run” and we enjoyed every minute. It was hot, humid and dry but this is what we do and I love it. The hills were a killer but we tackled them finishing with 1 hr and 57 minutes. Not bad for a “fun run”. As with every trail run we ALWAYS celebrate with an ice cold Mountain Dew. A great reward for our hard work.

Yesterday was filled with busy work around the house. I did manage to squeeze in a 3 mile run at noon just before jumping in the shower before some family arrived for a visit. I will mention that my Aunt spotted a picture that she given me of hers 10 years ago and asked for it back. IT WAS A GIFT so I politely said no. One minute later she asked for it again….. NO!!! What is that about anyway?!?! I would NEVER give something to a person and then ask for it back at a later time.

Today I plan on doing a rather long run. With lots to do in preparing for vacation I know today it my best chance at a nice long endurance workout. Hope the clouds stick around all day.

Happy Running!


Marcy said...

Oh my!! What the heck was that all about? Maybe she just felt comfortable asking for it back because you're family? Even still, that is no excuse. A gift IS a gift. Wonder why she wanted it so bad.

Sounds like a nice run!!! ;D ;D Nice little after ritual you have there :-)

scott keeps running said...

I'm glad you didn't give it back! NO NO NO!

And those trails are always calling, aren't they?? Sometimes you just have to block them out or you'll go crazy. :) Glad you could make it out on Saturday.

Mendy said...

Yeah!! I can't talk about my tiny hills around you knowing you do THOSE hills. That's great! One day, I'd like to run the mtn, just to see what trail running is about. I'm glad you go out with a smile and return with a smile not caring for time/pace, all those numbers, etc. You TRULY enjoy the sport, and it shows.

stephruns said...

So it's her on the pic? Is there a special reason why she wants it back? Maybe you can make her a copy?

Wes said...

Yes! Make a digital copy and send that to her. I do it all the time. Nobody knows the difference. Great weekend!!! Do the Dew :-)

jkrunning said...

How crazy that she asked for the picture back. Good for you for standing you ground.

runliarun said...

Running with two girlfriends, yes, that would be fun. There must be something wrong with me, I never found someone to run with.

Bob Gentile said...

hmmm ya that was weird, but umm that is family:-) ...maybe u can surprise her and mail her a digital copy.

SOunds like a great run with ur GF's

Phil said...

What's up with your Aunt? Oh well, you can't pick your relatives.

It must be sooooo nice to go out for a fun run with your friends. You are a lucky woman. You are also an inspirational runner. After reading about your trail runs over the last several weeks, I actually went out tonight and did a short one myself. I'd sworn off trail running some time ago for fear of falling. But I realized that every nasty fall I've taken while trail running has been on a rocky down hill ... so the solution seemed obvious: Run up the hills and walk down the steep stuff ... and don't worry about time. Thanks for the motivation.

J~Mom said... can be so strange sometimes! Maybe she had a spot that she needed the picture for! Strange!

Great job on your fun run!!