Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cloud Cover

What a wonderful weekend for running! Cloud cover and rain welcome my friend and I to some new trails on Saturday morning. We set out and ventured into new territory at a local College campus. We knew we would have to make several loops of the same trails to get the miles in but we did not mind. A change of scenery was what I needed and this was exactly what I found. I am sad and frustrated to report that at mile 7 I began experiencing a sharp pain in my right knee. A few attempts of stretching did not magically make the pain disappear. At mile 10.33 I finally called it for me. Train smart right?? This is very frustrating but even I know that this odd pains will creep up every now and then.
Following the run I decided to get a deep tissue massage at our new gym we joined. This girl knew deep tissue and after 1 hr and 20 minutes I was on my way back home. Today I headed out for my scheduled 8 miler. It did not happen. The pain was whispering to me and I decided to take a rest day. Maybe I need to rest the muscle and allow the work she did yesterday to have time and recover. Who knows but I feel like I made a good decision. Still frustrating though!!!! Tomorrow I will run!!!
On another note... we painted our kitchen. Well my husband did and I just offered support. First choice was a yellow. What were we thinking?!?? It was awful and down right ugly! A neutral tan would correct this and now it looks just beautiful!!

After... Much Better!

What a differencve the right color makes.

Happy Running,



scott keeps running said...

Bummer about the knee. At least you were able to get 10 miles out of it. Hopefully it just needs a couple days of rest.

The tan does look nice.

Wes said...

Yes! Train smart :-) A wise decision that will keep you on track to those ultras :-) Nice kitchen! We painted the inside of our entire house.

Mom tried decaf once said...

Hey, that looks like the color of my to match. I also like the yellow you had but I like the tan better!

Great job training smart...that is so hard to do!

Marcy said...

Love it!!!! The color looks GREAT!! ;D ;D

Totally stinky on the knee though :-( Hopefully it won't be anymore of a prob. Stuff like that IS frustrating.

stephruns said...

Sorry to hear about your knee pain. But seems you know how to make use of a little bit more extra time - kitchen looks much better;-)

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

I love the tan, too. I am a big fan of yellow, but it definitely has to be the *right* yellow. Hope your knee is on the road to recovery so you can do some more running!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I hope the rest improves your knee. Knee pain is not fun at all.

Very nice with the kitchen, but I feel for your husband. I know all too well the pain that is painting.

Mendy said...

Love that color! I'm sure it looks beautiful.

See Zanne Run said...

ah!! i feel your frustration on the knee! it's hard to separate what your heart wants to do (run) with what your brain knows you should do (train smart).

on your fresh coat of paint: love it. we are about to tackle same project. just got back from vacation - ready for fresh start ... new coat of paint is what the doctor ordered.