Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Not Zoning Out

So with a 38 mile taper week I decided to tackle the majority of it right in the beginning of this week.

Tuesday – 11 miles (completed at a 9:03 pace.)
Wednesday – 11 miles
Thursday – 8 miles
Sunday – 8 miles

Not sure how I held a pace of 9:03 last night. Training for this Ultra has taught me that the key is time on feet not speed. I have been running in a new neighborhood with lots of hills. Trying to build a stronger base with tackling these monsters. I totally zoned everything out and just focused on moving for the entire run. No music and no breaks. Needed to get the run complete so that I could get home faster.

Tonight I hope to have a same repeat of last nights run. This route will be from home but should still be a good one. Not as much shade on this route but I will survive.

So last night I received a call from a friend that I lost touch with more than 6 years ago. I was thrilled to hear her voice. It was amazing how the conversation was as if no time had passed at all. She asked me if I were still active and I thought … if I tell her what I am doing she will think I am nuts. I think I am nuts most days. Anyway to my surprise as I shared my brief updates I could hear the excitement in her voice for me. Here lately I have felt like as soon as I open my mouth and start talking about running people just zone out on me. Because of this I have guarded myself from sharing a whole lot. Anyway, she shared that she has lost 30 lbs. and really made some awesome lifestyle changes. I am so proud of her!! We are now planning a trip for her to visit later this year.

So to anyone who moves and stays active in anyway whatsoever…. Awesome job!!!



Wes said...

LOL. Around here if you talk about running, you have our complete attention :-)

J~mom said...

That is great that you could connect with your friend like that. I know all about that zone out thing...DH does that with me and it's actually one reason I started my blog. I had to have people that understood.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Nice job with the run. I love how your taper week has more mileage in it than any of my current weeks. But I'm building it back slowly...I'll get there.

Very cool about your friend. 30 pounds rocks!

jen said...

Great job on the run and good luck today!

How cool that your friend called. I agree that there is something really special about a person who appriciates your achievements rather than zones out... I know running isn't for everyone, but it means so much when they at least act excited and interested! Sounds like with her weight loss she knows all about hard work and dedication- good for her. :)

See Zanne Run said...

haha ... ditto what wes said!

and those are the best kinds of friends, the ones you can not speak to for ages, but when you do - you just pick up where you left off & its as if no time at all has passed.

scott keeps running said...

i try not to talk too much about running at work either because there are a couple people who i have a feeling think that i'm trying to show off to everyone. so i try to keep a low key.

Marcy said...

LMAO I'm with Lisa. NO ONE wants to hear about me running except all of you :-) And thank goodness for you all otherwise I'd probably go nutty.

That's so cute that you got to get in touch with an old friend :-)

It's not really a "gym" and I swear I only have a couple things. Seriously, it's nothing that anyone would be impressed by LMAO!.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Oh, I love a good friend like that. I have a couple that I can just pick with where I left off. Priceless in our busy world.

Sounds like you are doing great!! WE love to hear about running (but I know what you mean, friends and family can only take so much!)

Bob Gentile said...

lolol that is the plan when I talk with people... is for them to zone out rather then tell me all their Negative crap going on---haha

SOOO I mention my running all the time and LOVE to tell them next year I am going to run a 100 miler, that really puts a glaze in their eyes---WOOO HOOO

So keep sharing ur running and ZONE out those PEEPS!!

Oh Very cool ur friend has NOT zoned out and is keeping fit:-)