Thursday, September 13, 2007

Race Budgets

Crazy week equals crazy miles. Even with the help of my family and the support that I receive some weeks are just crazy. This week we will end with 56 miles of running. Yikes that is a lot of time running and training.

Tuesday - 6.5 miles, treadmill, hills / weights
Wednesday – 5 miles, treadmill, hills
Thursday – 10.5 will be ran tonight / weights

Saturday – 24 miles on the trails
Sunday – 10 miles

One week closer to the big event. At least now when I look at the training schedule I see that we are more than half way into this madness.

Here is a question… how on earth does a person afford to sign up for events?? Take in account the cost of travel, food and the expense of shoes, gear, supplements etc. This past year my husband presented a race budget to me. This was to help with picking the races that meant the most to me instead of signing up for everything. I love scooting out new adventures!! Well I am now looking at a race for February and need to send the entry form in now. Man I sure could use a money tree…. a sponsor…. something.

Do any of you run into the same problem?? Have any creative solutions?



Wes said...

Credit cards? LOL. I feel your pain! You shave a little here. Do without that. Before you know it, boom, you can do another race :-)

I luv that...

more than half way into this madness

Please, step into my world... Watch your step please, I wouldn't want you to hit your head...

Bob Gentile said...

we all live in little huts & blog by candle light & live on PB & J and water :-)

but ahhhh it's worth it, right!!

all I have to say is the chitttt does add up!!!

ok have to go scan the beach for some loose change now -lol would love to upgrade to some tuna cans this month.

David said...

I actually go go dance for extra money to spend on races. It helps, and keeps the legs strong at the same time.

Next year will be all about picking MY races, vice following a race series schedule. That will also alow me to peak when I need to, and not try to maintain a near-peak for months on end. That should also help with the cost of competition. Unless, of course, our new tri team gets some awesome sponsors and some/all of our costs are absorbed. At least I'm not racing cars or motorcycles, I guess!

J~mom said...

I totally could have written this! I am really wanting to sign up for another tri this year and if I do I am going to have to give up a couple of running races. DH was giving me the lecture about making choices. *sigh* I don't want to make choices, I want to do all the stuff I want to do. LOL

Marcy said...

Yeah David does a great show. He travels too, did you know that? :P

This is something that's going to be a problem later on for me. I'm still so new (and really haven't done much)that I keep telling my husband . . .yeah but once I get all this gear and stuff it will totally cut back. Yeaahhhh ok. Ask me again in a year . . .by then I'm sure my husband will have strangled me LOL

scott keeps running said...

i know, it's kinda sad how much they cost. i'd rather have a no fee, no aid event and just carry my stuff. how they get you is they put the races on beautiful trails that you can't resist.

i tried growing a money tree here but the soil is too rough. :(

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

After many years doing triathlons, I'm kind of fond of how cheap running races are, even ultras. The entry fee alone for an Ironman is now pushing $500 without any travel costs. Ouch!

I look at it this way...those entry fees and gear for running are much cheaper than the psychiatrist I would need if I didn't run.

stephruns said...

I just pick the races I truly want to do and well, CAN! They say running is such a cheap sport, but it's not true!

Mendy said...

Robin, that's a LOT of miles next week you have on your plate. Good luck with it. I'm sure it will turn out good for you. You'll be running more hours than working in the week - a LOT.

Have a great week!!!