Monday, March 10, 2008

Runner Down

A weekend away is just what I needed!

First off…
DuPont Forest 12k Race Report: I convinced my husband to pack shorts, long sleeve shirt, and short sleeve shirt for this 40 something degree starting temperature race. This was his first trail race and he was excited. We arrived and it is snowing!! I was super pumped that we 
would be running in this until I stepped out of the car. Wind gust!! Serious wind gust that made temps feel bone cold. After checking in we stayed in the car until the last minute. A quick run to the start and off we went into the trails. Since it had rained for about 36 hours leading up to the race the course was one big mud pit. My shoes and legs were covered almost immediately. At about a mile into the race my husband took a nasty fall and sprained his ankle bad. I have never seen an ankle and foot swell so fast. Luckily we had a doctor not far behind us that offered help in evaluating the nasty sprain. Several runners stopped and offered to give their race up to help us. This is why I love trail races. No egos for miles around.So that was it. One mile and bitter cold temps would the report from this event. So much for a “fun run.” We will laugh about this day for years to come.

Second off…
After my tangent on Friday I almost decided to jump off the deep end. Oreo cookies, peanut m&m’s, beer, pizza, no yoga, no running, no form of healthy living for this girl. Well I came to my senses and I am back on track. Training and doing what I do is a part of me. This is just where I am at right now.. good or bad. I am going to tweak things in my training just for reasons of needing to do so. More on this later this week.
I did resume running Monday night and ran 3 miles. The whispering continues but it is not getting any worse. Everything in me wanted to keep going, increase the speed, go for some hills but I had to settle for the 3 mile run and be happy with it... for now.

Third off…
Ab Test Results. Total waste of time! Sorry everyone! I had hoped to be able to post a chiseled pack of abs but no such luck. Instead I feel like I wasted an entire 30 days. Maybe they should note that certain diet plans will help produce better results. Maybe I did some of the exercises incorrect. Maybe it was just creative writing on WH Magazines part. In the end I am going back to what I know. My yoga instructor also gave me some very effective options to 
add to what I already have been doing. At least I get a good burn from my own workout.  So at last here are the before and after pictures.  

Before Lab Ab Test

After Lab Ab Test

Still pondering my letter to the editor of WH Magazine.  

I will catch up on all of your blogs tomorrow. Busy week but tomorrow should be better.



Wes said...

Whoa! You already had abs of steel ;-)

Sorry hubby cracked his ankle. I know you can laugh about it now, but I'm sure it was decidedly unfunny. Poor guy!!

Glad you are back on track!!!

Phil said...

Hope your husband gets back on his feet soon. I'll run in rain, sleet, snow, blazing sun light, wind, soft moon light ... just about anything; except mud. I hate running in mud. All that slipping and sliding is no fun! I admire you and your husband for trying.

I'm no doctor, but I thought the after ab picture was a lot tighter than the first. I'd kill for the first one mind you :)

If the whispering isn't getting any worse, then I'd wouldn't push it or try anyting extreme (running hard laders, 20 miler trail runs etc) for a while.

Good luck. Again I hope for the best with the other test results.

J~Mom said...

I don't know, those abs look pretty dang good to me!!! Maybe you should write the plan for us! :>)

Sorry about the trail run with hubby. I hope his ankle is doing better now!

Amanda said...

hot dang, I'll take those abs!

Man what a crazy run...we have a race together this weekend I sure hope it doesn't go like that but they are calling for snow!

Mendy said...

Robin, you've already got great ABS!!! They look awesome.

I think Scott faked it... :-) J/k. Bummer on the ankle.

Glad to hear you got 3 miles in, even though it's not what you wanted. You're doing great, and I'm sure it will all come together soon!

Dana said...

Sorry about your aborted trail run w/ the happy. I wish him a speedy recovery. I have to admit that your abs look more chiseled in the "before" pic than the "after" pic(but I still wish I had your abs overall..;-)).

Marcy said...

Ummmmm Robin?!? Can we switch abs? Either before or after? Dang girl I hate anyone who has had children and has sweet abs. BAH! LOL

Bob Gentile said...

Robin Said: Everything in me wanted to keep going, increase the speed, go for some hills but I had to settle for the 3 mile run and be happy with it... for now.
ahhh so know how u feel, I am itching to turn it up but have to watch it and ramp it up slowly (sigh))

ABS look good to me :-)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I hope your husband's ankle heals quickly. Tell him that we all crack up on the trails sooner or later...he just got his out of the way early.

RunnerGirl said...

Hope your husbands ankle heals up soon!

SLB said...

Ouch, hope hubbies ankle mends up, from experience the ones that you can watch swell up go down pretty fast too.

Welcome to the whispering knee club, there are a few of in it right now.

Sorry about the abs thing! But not too surprising really!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Hmmm, I actually thought I detected a change in the abs too. But you are more intimate with them than we are! :D Anyway, you look great. You will likely not catch me in the same pose even with 60 second planks. :P

TheRunnerChick said...

Sorry about your husband's accident. Does make for a memorable story though. Thankfully it's in the past!

Good job with the abs! I agree with Phil, they look more firm! Do you feel stronger? I know everyone wants the 6pack, but the added strength is MOST important. :)

Anonymous said...

yes, you have great abs!

best wishes to your hubby.