Friday, May 30, 2008

Running Task List

5 months and 2 days……

That is the time frame I have to get these legs ready to toe the line and finish the MMTR 50 mile Trail Race.

This is not news to you…. But what I am STILL working on is my training plan. A big thanks to SLB for taking the time to review it and offer suggestions on ways that I need to modify it. In a nut shell I have to add to an already heavy schedule of running. I did not build in near enough peak weeks of 50 to 70 mile running weeks. Since the MMTR race has an elevation gain/loss of 9200/7200 ft. I also need to make sure that hills are a big part of this training.

So that is on my task list to complete today!!

This week has been a recovery week for me. Not planned but since life seemed to get in the way it is just how it worked out. Still did plenty of cycling and swimming and managed to get smaller runs in but not nearly the distance I would have liked.

Tomorrow Scott and I with some other riders will tackle a 50 mile ride. The Ronald McDonald Charity ride is next week so this will be my last long ride before I tackle that 65 mile distance. Excited about this new unknown distance.

Now onto some planning……



Wes said...

I can imagine that developing a training plan for a 50 mile race is almost as monumental as the actual race :-)

You guys have a great ride! Did you think 6 months ago that you'd be doing 50 and 60 milers on the bike? It's awesome!!

Kevin said...

Wow thats one heck of a race.How tough is it to plan for an ultra?

Mendy said...

Good luck with your plan! I know you will do it all right, as always.

That ride sounds awesome! You guys will have a terrific time.

Nice seeing Scott briefly last night. Hope you enjoyed your sushi.

KK said...

Holy Canolli, that is a lot of elevation gain in that ultra!

I hope you enjoy your 50 miler on the bike tomorrow. You are getting in some major mileage, nice work!

Bob Gentile said...

Have a great ride this weekend... and way to get the plan going for that 50 miler... Work the plan, visualize and run ur butt off --lol and it will all come together :-)

SLB said...

Hey thanks for the props, check you email and let me know about the PUM idea.

Remember the hills have 'I's...intervals!!!

J~Mom said...

Have a great time with your bike race!! I am sooo excited for my hubby to get his bike so that we can do stuff like that.