Saturday, June 7, 2008

A HOT 62.54 mile Charity Ride

What an awesome, HOT event!!
Scott and I arrived about 30 minutes before the start of the charity ride.  This century distance (100k) would be the furthest ride to date for the both of us.  Up until this point everything had gone smoothly and before we knew it the ride had begun.

Painted road markers of Ronald McDonalds head were painted on the road to mark our route. This was a challenge for me in an earlier event but I found it very easy to ride and follow on Saturday.  What would be a challenge would be the heat!!  I noticed on one bank sign that the temp read 100 degrees even.  Scott would have to end his ride at mile 35 due to chain issues and a tire spoke popping.  So I continued sharing the road with a guy named Garol and Lewis. Drafting was key and we each shared in pulling each other up the hills.   They were both really nice and we pushed on until we arrived back at the start.  
I absolutely loved the route and the event!  The heat was a killer but my body felt great.  Legs never felt like they were trashed during or after the event.  Lots of strong rolling hills mixed in with a ton of country side views.  LOVED IT!!

Water bottles consumed: 8 (4 water, 4 powerade)
Food consumed: 1 fig newton, two oranges, two oatmeal bars
Potty break: one (I sweat out my other potty breaks)
Calories burned: 4867 (according to the Garmin 301 Lewis had on his bike)
Ecaps: - 4 caps (2 at one station and 2 at another)

I only backed off the ecaps because of the slight swelling I had in my feet. 
Today I have my long run of 8 miles.  Heading out to do this in a few minutes.  Legs will be a little heavy but should be fine.  Add a swim and upper weight workout and that will do it.  

I love running.... love biking.... love being active and alive!!

Side Note:  $10 jersey was purchased at a local Tri Store here in Greenville.  I thought it was put on the rack by mistake but it was not.  What a deal!!!


Sherry said...

Congrats on completing your century ride, Robin! I'm sure this heat wave that has slammed all of us made it extra tough... and extra special for getting through it. :o)

Your pictures are terrific!

Sherry said...

**Side note** I just read your husband's blog post and your blog post regarding the case of heat exhaustion that you suffered last August.

I can't begin to tell you how much reading this scared me AND how it has really woken me up. I'm so new to endurance training... and since I live in South FL, being aware of the effects of the heat, humidity and extreme sweating is something that I need to take very seriously. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me to listen to my body and to prepare adequately beforehand.

Are you still adding Cytomax to your water? Do you do this throughout the week (not just on heavier training days)? Would love to learn how you have adjusted your routine to combat the heat/humidity since last summer.

Wes said...

Nicely done :-) I bonked 5 miles from the end of my 42 miler yesterday. It WAS HAWT!! I gots some learnin to do with this heat still!!

I love that jersey. I so need a sleeveless riding jersey. Dee Dee asked me why I didn't just ride in my tri shirt, and I didn't have an answer for that. Guess I'm just a bit self conscious :-)

Kevin said...

Great job on the ride. It has definitely been hot here in Hotlanta. I was drenched after yesterdays 8 mile run

Marcy said...

Oooohhhhhh girl!! Heck, even I would've rode that for a pic with Ronnie McD! LOL

Awesome job chica!! You're insane ;-)

Anonymous said...

Painted Ronald McDonald heads, guess you couldn't get lost. Sounds like you had a wonderful ride, well done. Hope you had a nice run today.

teacherwoman said...

Nice job! I love your positive attitude! :)

scott keeps running said...

yes, you look hot. ;)

it snowed on me in the mountains yesterday...and you have 100 degrees! wow.

you make this biking thing sound exciting.

See Zanne Run said...

fun! i got a taste of the crazy heat this weekend too ... felt pretty nauseous just 14 miles into ride. if this is what lies ahead this summer, its going to be a tough one! i feel like i can't hydrate enough! glad you had a great time ... so glad you are loving the bike! - totally envious of your $10 jersey!!

KK said...

Girl, you burned over two days worth of calories in that ride!!! I hope you had pizza, beer(s) and ice cream to celebrate, way to go!

Love the new jersey too, can't beat ten dollar deals.

Congrats on a such a successfull long ride, you are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Way to go on such a long ride in that heat! You are in great shape, and doing so well with your biking, swimming, running, weights! It's also nice to hear how much you're enjoying it all :)

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice job! Great ride! AND a pic with Ronald to boot!!

J~Mom said...

I CANNOT wait to go on a long ride like that! I have been searching for something like that here! Great job! Love the pictures!

jen said...

Congrats!! Awesome ride. I love the Ronald McDonald pic. You are gorgeous btw. :)

Dana said...

GREAT job,Robin! Sorry to hear that Scott had to drop out due to bike issues,but hopefully he'll be able to complete the next one. Totally jealous that burned that many cals in one ride(I don't EVEN burn that many in a week of running,swimming & weight lifting!).