Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adventures with Blindfolds

Susan, Me, Renee, Mike

Dirty Feet Team Members (Susan and Robin)
Take three trail runners, place them in a car, blindfold them and then send them to meet another new runner at another new location for the Saturday morning trail run.

The alarm screamed at 5:15am and I hit the floor to begin the process of preparing for my long run of the week. Susan would meet me at my house and then we would pick up Mike at another location a few minutes from the house. I have known Susan for several years, Mike since last weekend, and Renee only through emails.

We arrived at Renee's house at 7am after missing a turn and then drove to another destination, and then another, and then.... well you get it. It was hilarious. After a lot of laughs we began our run at Croft State Park. The best way to describe this course would be to say that it had tons of rolling hills, with long gradual climbing. All very runnable. We all really enjoyed it.

We left after 16ish miles of running and after I returned home I finished another few miles to even my long run to 20 miles. After stopping for a little over an hour I was stiff for the first half mile but then fell into a good pace. Scott rode his bike beside me and I filled him in on the events from the mornings long run adventure. Another fun weekend!!

I love meeting and running with new people. More than anything I love knowing that others have found the gift in trail running. It is ever changing and always fresh and new with adventures.

Without sounded boastful I feel strong and focused. I love where I am at right now. What a great place to be.



Kevin said...

Sounds like a great run. Its always great to have people to run with

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another success trail run! Glad you are in your zone feeling strong and focused.

Michael at 45 said...

Hey Robin,

Sorry I missed this weekend, it sounded great!


Marcy said...

Sounds awesome, Robin!! How the heck could you ever be perceived as boastful? You are so stinkin cute!

Wes said...

It's awesome being in the happy place :-) I ran on trails Sunday too!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Oh, I love your last paragraph. I hope to be there too someday. You're making me think twice about trail running too :-)

Runner Mom said...

And our next "adventure" will be????

Mine is now....out the door to ride for a while. Wish you were going to be there with me! I'll be bored! Have a great day!!
love ya,

Journey to a Centum said...

Nothing like getting dirty on the trail. Glad to hear you are feeling strong. Good conditioning combined with running smart equals some new PB's in your future!

Blindfolds? Don't you trip over roots and stuff with those things on?

J~Mom said...

I think having company on adventures like that make it even more fun!!

Steve Stenzel said...

Wow! Nice run! And with new friends! Sweet!

Judi said...

Sounds like good fun. Awake at 5:15 but I bet you didn't start running till 7am, lol.

I start more trail running after this race this weekend, hoping to do a 50k in Oct. :)

Cheri said...

Can't wait to join the "Team Dirty Feet" tribe. Needin' some good runs with great friends.