Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Drink...Eat.....Often... REPEAT

After a very… lets just say… firm talk last night from my husband on the subject of fuel and long runs we have pieced together a plan for my long run this coming weekend.

So...with that said he is traveling to our local State Park for my Saturday 24 mile long run this weekend and we are going to practice it ALL. We will practice his crew abilities that we will use in the MMTR race. We will take supplies that I might need during the race and make note of additional things needed come race day. But most importantly I will practice staying ahead of the game on fluids and food. I will pack everything from gels (hate them but can live with them if needed) to boiled potatoes (love these during long distance events) and anything else that we can think of. I will continue to alternate from water to Cytomax with the addition of s caps as needed.

Today I have mapped out 5 mile and 3 mile loops to stage the aid station spots. Scott will make me eat no matter what I say. Listening to him last night made me realize how badly he wants me to reach my own goal. To give up almost 5 hours just to sit and wait on your wife to make her loops takes a special guy.

So that is the plan. I feel good about it and am excited to tackle this run feeling much better than I did last week.

Several of you posted helpful comments and Stuart emailed me one of the best reads on the subject that we have came across. Thanks to all of you!!!

Sharing knowledge with others around you is PRICELESS!



BeachRunner said...

You will be well prepared and so ready. What great practice and planning. Have fun on the 24 miler. Woo Hoo!

Marcy said...

Awwwwhhhh he really is a special man. I could be laying in the woods dead and my husband would be picking his butt looking for the nearest TV to catch sports updates :P

GOOD LUCK chica!! Hopefully it all works out well.

Wes said...

Experiment, experiment, experiment! You WILL discover the secret! I {heart} Scott too. Too bad he's already taken ;-)

Bob Gentile said...

Now repeat after me...I love Gels I love Gels :-)

Seriously, IF your stomach can handle them then get to liking them...great source of QUICK valuable energy to help keep you moving!!

Have a great long run, you will do fantastic...stay focused!

Progman2000 said...

So what is your disgusting gel of choice, anyway? Personally, I prefer to gag on Powergels!

See Zanne Run said...

sounds like a good plan! reminds me of when steven would drive aorund town throwing fruit out the car window so i had real food to find on people's lawns during my long training runs!

sending you an email too ... have some more ideas to share with you -stuff i learned from nutritionist.

J~Mom said...

I hope the plan works!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

jen said...

What a husband you have. :) Good luck this weekend, sounds like you are all over it. Have fun!

Runner Mom said...

Coach B. is just precious! And you're listening to him!! You go, girl!! I think it sounds like a wonderful plan! I would love to run it with you, but child #1 has cross country in Columbia! But,do you want to ride on Thurs.?

Miss you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Your husband is so sweet. I think it makes such a difference when you have a supportive family.

You are going to learn alot on the run. Good luck.

Journey to a Centum said...


Hey, I'm trying something new that you may want to try! I purchased squeeze tubes at REI that you can fill from the end and then fold and place a clip to seal it. The tube looks like a toothpaste tube only a little bigger. I'm going to put mashed red potatoes with garlic salt, sea salt, and butter in them. I tried zip lock bags but for the potatoes but I'm concerned they may blow open if I were to take a close look at the trail.

I keep an eye on my watch and eat gel on the half hour and salt (s-cap) on the hour. I eat cliff bars, soup, potatoes, trail mix, etc. at major points such as aid stations or about every 6 miles. I also pack Starbucks double-shots with me for a wake me up when needed.

Have fun on your "trial trail run"!


Steve Stenzel said...

Good luck with the plan with weekend!!

And to answer your questions:
1. I really don't know about that arrow..
2. Yes. Actually peeing as the photo was snapped.
3. I Body Glided my face so the face covering wouldn't chafe my nose right off...

teacherwoman said...

Glad to hear you are trying something different. Remember, proper hydrating outside of a run is just as important as during a run!

Anonymous said...

Good luck. It's exciting to read about your journey!!

G-Man said...

If Steve were any kind of a real husband, he would load up a trailer with food and drink and pull it behind a mountain bike while following you on the trail ;-)

Just kidding...maybe. I think a good simulation like this is about the smartest thing you can do. I don't know why, but the hardest thing I ever have to do is force myself to eat. Sometimes getting myself to eat is harder than the actual physical effort itself...

Good luck,

Judi said...

You sound really ready girlie. I bet you do well. I am trying some new nutrition this week too, I'll let you know if it goes well.

Your husband sounds almost as awesome as my D is.

Good luck this weekend!

Mendy said...

Sounds like a great plan, Robin! You've definately got your ducks in a row and so very lucky to have such a supportive husband! You guys are GREAT!

RunBubbaRun said...

Sounds like you got a special crew there.

Yes practice makes perfect. And everybody is different concerning nutrtion.

But remember to keep things simple and make adjustments along the way. Seem to work for me during my long races.

Good luck this weekend.

Nick said...

I was thinking of doing this type of training at a local park as well and do loops all day, but I don't think my wife is as nice as your husband. :(