Saturday, September 13, 2008

Take Two

On Thursday night Scott and I decided that we would do something different / special together on Saturday morning rather than my scheduled trail run.  This would mean that I would be hitting the evil pavement after work on Friday to run 24 miles solo.  At work I mapped out my route of 2 8.5 mile out and backs and one 7 mile out and back to total the 24 hilly miles.  Since I have done all of my long runs on the trails I knew I would have to really mentally zone in to get this completed. 

First -  8.5 miles
The sun was out and the heat was more than I had hoped for.  Clouds would tease me with short breaks so I made huge efforts to stay ahead of hydrating.  Finished this with half a protein bar, 3 Gels, and 24 oz. of fluid.
Second - 8.5 miles
As I passed a pasture I noticed a cow laying near the fence I ran past.  I remember even thinking that we might get rain by seeing this.  As I reach the turnaround point and head back I pass Scott.  He was out doing his long run.  We speak for a minute and then go our separate ways.  I continue to Gel(2 more), eat some electrolyte balance chews and take in another 24 oz. of fluids.  My body felt great with only a little discomfort in my shoulder area.  
Third - 7 miles
As I pass the pasture for the last time it is very clear that the cow that I noticed earlier has now  died.  Three other cows stood near looking down at this animal.  It seems stupid but I was sad seeing this.  Scott joins me by car and mentioned that the owners had just left its side.  It was getting dark so I moved on.  Although I still felt good I was ready to be finished just the same.  I finished this last portion with 1 Gel and another protein bar with 24 oz of fluids.

After stretching I went into the house for a 20 minute ice bath. I set in the cold water while Scott dumped 2 large bags of ice on my legs.  I was thrilled... long run success and even bigger NUTRITION success.  I am not all the way there on the fuel but I am much closer.
                                                                                                                                                                           Saturday Morning Treat -
We did not set an alarm.  That in itself is a treat.  Once up we take our dog Layla down town for breakfast and enjoyed it outside at a sidewalk table. 

We walk for almost 2 hours winding through parks and streams just enjoying the morning. We both really enjoyed getting up and relaxing without being pushed by the time of day.  

WORTH every mile I ran on the pavement Friday night.



BeachRunner said...

Fabulous stuff.

BeachRunner said...

Bummer about the cow. (That isn't fabulous).

Runner Mom said...

Poor moo cow! Robin! Bless it's heart!

I am thrilled about your run. Thought about you on the way to Columbia. Great job, chick!

Glad that you and Scott enjoyed your morning yesterday. Got my 8 in this morning before and after church :).Talk to you later.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Great job on the run. Not setting the alarm is a treat. Sounds like a wonderful Saturday.

Chris said...

Awesome Robin. Nothing better than NAILING your nutrition. I can only imagine that this is playing HUGE on your mental ability to tackle MMTR coming up.

I agree that I coul dhave pounded the pavement for a Saturday downtown..

Aare we gonna try and ride again Thursday?

SLB said...

Looks like you're getting this nailed down, a bit more work and you'll have it dialed in, just remember constant and consistent and you'll be fine.

Kudos for getting it done on the evil pavement!

Marcy said...

Yikes about the cow.

I'm so stoked about your run! Looks like you have this nutrition thang down baby!

teacherwoman said...

"WORTH every mile I ran on the pavement Friday night." --> Sounds like it! :) Nice work on the run and enjoying your saturday morning!

*aron* said...

wow awesome job on the run!!! and on the nutrition too - sounds like you are finding out what works!

poor cow :( i would be so sad too.

Wes said...

Awesome job on the run!! Sounds like you are getting this thing figgered out!! and I agree, doing it on Friday was TOTALLY worth it :-)

Anonymous said...

Great job!

Love the new header.

Lily on the Road said...

24 miles solo, after work!! Oh holy Yikes!!! Good job on finishing that sucker!

So glad you gave yourself Sunday to chillax...sounds like the perfect end to a busy weekend!

The Happy Runner said...

Hi -- just found your site. I saw a comment on Marcy's site (about the chafing -- I get crummy chafing under my arm, too) and decide to pop over. Love your site!

Great job on the run. I'm so impressed that you ran 24 miles after work. That is hard core.

Chris said...

Great new Banner photo!! Love it!!

Journey to a Centum said...

Dead cows and ice baths... just doesn't get any better than that!

Good running! Keep it up!

RunBubbaRun said...

Great running on the pavement.. You really rockin it out there.

Sorry to hear about the cow..

Sounded like the rest of the weekend was great.

ShirleyPerly said...

Sad about the cow but great to hear the run went well!!

Once in a while my husband and I also sleep in and spend some quality time together. Definitely worth rearranging one's schedule.

Jarrett said...

Thanks for posting your run nutrition. I'm just starting to try to figure out that side of the training equation, and it's good to see what others are doing on a per-mile basis.

jen said...

Wow, great job on the run. You know you're an ultrarunner when a cow concludes its life cycle before you finish. Just kidding, that is sad and I think it would have shaken me up a bit. Great job and I'm glad you got it done so you could enjoy your Saturday morning stroll. :)

Judi said...

It's sad about the cow. Why did it die, was it the heat?

Good job on the run and even better to have a weekend day with your man - it sounds like it was a good day.