Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heads Up... Passing It On ...again

Truth be known I actually thought of the "Passing It On" idea from my friend Chris when he gave me a sweet set of areo bars and now he is joining in on the fun.  Why keep what can help others.  :)

He has a fuel belt to giveaway as well.  Details are on his blog.

Best of luck to all!!!!



teacherwoman said...

That is a great idea. I am trying to think if there is anything I could give away or pass on to someone else. I am sure there is something. :)

Nick said...

I may have to resort to this as well.
I have a few "athlete related" items people would probably need/want out there.

Shannon said...

You and Chris are awesome!

I've been giving away tracks......you'll get yours very soon.

BeachRunner said...

What a great idea.

Journey to a Centum said...

I think I'll do the same thing on Craigslist with my garage full of nothing.

Chris said...

ok Robin. Less talking about free stuff and more posting about your workouts!! ;-)

What's going to be our next giveaway? I have a few ideas?

Are we riding or running this weekend?