Thursday, March 26, 2009

This and That

THIS: Scott and I can clean up when we have to. If it were up to me I could live in a Nike running hat all weekend. :)

THAT: Seems I go through these cycles of sleeping incredible to not so incredible. The past two nights sleep have not been so good. Hoping that I crash tonight!!

THIS: Finally tried the Spinach Smoothie that Shannon posted. If you can get past the color it is actually very good.

Recipe: Green Spinach Smoothie
-Handful Spinach
-Handful Strawberries
-Handful Blueberries
-Handful Walnuts
-1 Cup 1 % Milk (I used soy milk)
-2 Scoops Muscle Milk Light ( I used I scoop vanilla protein powder)

THAT: Hitting the SALE rack at my local running store for new running shoes today. I am overdue. Once I apply the gift certificate I have I am hoping to get out with spending $25. Am I!

THIS: Tonight’s workout – swim (yes you are reading this correctly) followed by a 3 mile run. Can you call that a semi brick. This will be my first official swim. I have attempted twice this week but with a lane schedule in hand I feel confident that I will be hitting the water this time.

THAT: Lastly, can someone send some beautiful weather for Saturday my way? Forecast is calling for some cold rain and since I will be biking a 62 mile route I would rather it be in the nice sunshine.



Melanie said...

cute pic! hope the weather cooperates, enjoy the bike ride! :)

Anonymous said...

You guys do clean up nice! Hope the weather is nice for the ride on Saturday.

Lily on the Road said...

Hey, you two "clean us real well"

I'll try to convince the running gods to send you some nice weather, we need it too!

Chad in the AZ Desert said...

That's a nice photo. I hope the weather works out for your ride.

Marcy said...

OOooooo look at you two hotties ;-)

I'm going to have to try this smoothie! I usually just do strawberries and banana. I need the change LOL

aron said...

you two look great :)

I will send you some cali sunshine for your weekend!!!

Wes said...

Not so sure about the weekend weather, chica! We got a busy weekend ahead, and it ain't lookin good!! I'll hold out hope until the very end :-)

Runner Mom said...

Y'all look darlin'! I never get to see your cute haircut for your hat!! :)

Call me about Friday night! Swim hard tonight!!Only 2 more days before I can RUN again!!Woohoo!


I Run for Fun said...

That is a really nice pic. I'll send you some sun if you do the same for me. I want spring back!

Nick said...

That is so funny, because my wife actually made me go out and buy new clothes since all I wear is running gear -24x7.

I can't wait to start doing some Brick workouts.
Have a great time on Sunday.
I'm hoping to get in half what your riding on Sunday if the weather gets any better.

Shannon said...

Yahoo sista, FINALLY I got some people on board. I hope you can get outside and ride instead of the trainer.

YOU DO clean up well!

Judi said...

hell yea you do clean up nice. :)

hope you have a good ride this weekend and enjoy your swim.

The Happy Runner said...

I hope the weather is good for you on Sunday! Enjoy!

J~Mom said...

Thanks for the recipe!

jen said...

Lovely picture!

I had a string of shitty sleep earlier this week so I can feel you. Your body will sleep when it has to, try to relax.

Good luck with the long ride!

Journey to a Centum said...

Hope you put your fenders on for the ride!

We get this all the time at Starbucks and people look at you wierd: "You look so different in clothing!" Of course they mean clothing other than running gear but it's fun to say to watch peoples reactions.

Hope all is well!

Denise said...

Hope you had good weather for your run. Rain held off for mine, but it was so dreary.

Great blog, too. I look forward to catching up!

Anonymous said...