Tuesday, April 28, 2009

To Clear Things Up

First I want to thank everyone for there awesome comments on my announcement to participate on a team of cyclist for the 2009 Challenge to Conquer Cancer. Yes we will cycle all the way from Greenville, SC to Austin, TX taking 6 hour shifts until we arrive. We will cycle day and night. Rain or Shine. This will be an amazing experience.

For so many reason I feel that the Ironman event was not meant to be this year. I have put off realizing this but now I see what I am meant to do clearly. For more than 5 ½ months Scott has searched hours every day for a new job. We have been very blessed by friends and family and their support during this time. It was my choice to take all of my birthday money ($250.00) received on Monday and donated the entire amount to this cause. It is that important to me!!!

Truly…. If each person who comes to this blog were able to donate even $5 it would add up fast. Each of you together can help this girl out!!

I promise to not make my post be about begging and pleading fund raising post. Any amount counts and donations can be made now.

All donations are tax-deductible.

To donate: http://donate.p3c3registration.com/ (click on Robin Blackburn)



Sherry said...

Robin, you rock! I tried to donate this morning when I read your ealier post but for some reason I kept getting kicked off when I input my credit card. I will continue trying though... I'd give anything to see cancer eradicated. I've lost waaaay too many people close to me; so many, in fact, that I often feel like I'm a ticking timebomb.

You are doing a TRULY great thing!!!

Judi said...

i will donate but it will be later when io have some bucks. be sure of it. keep setting up the remiders on your blog and you will make it happen. i raised over 1100 bucks in just 5 weeks for my dobie rescue - mostly from my blog and FB. you are incredible girlie.

Shannon said...

You know I'm donating girlfriend! You can count on me.

Nick said...

You are truly Amazing.

ShirleyPerly said...

Will donate again for sure. I lost my dad to cancer and besides that, just think you are AWESOME all around :-)

Wes said...

Tis not begging... It is a good thing you are doing. Keep askin :-)