Monday, August 17, 2009

An Active Family

Sometimes returning to work is how you rest and recover from a fantastic, packed full, amazing weekend.

In a nutshell I kicked off the weekend with the team for our first of many night training rides. I had my reservations about this but as the sun went down all of our lights illuminated the road and the energy of the group pulled us along. No sun beating us down...little to no traffic….coolers of icy beverages to greet us on our return. Can it get any better?!!

Since we had no A.M. training ride on Saturday I tackled some needed chores for the day. We had a Team Cookout Saturday night where we received our Event Kits. It was like Christmas. two jerseys, one wind vest, arm warmers, and two running tech shirt.

Sunday I headed out with two other teammates and we tackled a 65 mile climbing ride. With a mid morning start it did heat up but I was pleased to climb the way that I did. Seeing some improvement on that end. Hills repeats might actually be working. A quick return home to shower and we all dashed downtown for a 5k fundraiser followed by a baseball game.
Our son did amazing in the run!! Only his 2nd 5k event and I can see where he might be wanting to do another very soon. I loved seeing and cheering him on. So very thankful that we are an "active" family.
So that brings me back to being wiped out today.... in a good way. This week i am scaling back just a bit for a needed recovery week. I hit an all time high last week at just over 185 miles.
What fun... Robin


Grey Beard said...

Wow, tons of miles there Robin! ... and I assume your son in the USMC is getting his training in too? Active indeed!

JD said...

Good job on the mileage this week. That is about what I got as well. It is cool that your family is active - that goes a long way for a happy and healthy life!

Have fun on your recovery week. I think I need one of those as well.


Anonymous said...

I love getting new gear! Having and active family is so important. Plus, in the process you make such wonderful memories.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

You've obviously inspired your son, amazing! I love that we're an active family too. The pool where I've been swimming on monday nights has lane swim for half the pool, and the other half is rec swim. The kids come and do their thing while I do mine, it's a wonderful thing :) The night ride sounds fun, and i'm sure i'd be a bit nervous too! The kits sound great though! Fun!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, a night training ride?! I've never done one of those before. Great to hear that the hill training has paid off. I might need to look at getting a wind vest for B2B, actually.

Marlene said...

The night ride sounds like so much fun!

Great mileage last week. Congrats!

Wes said...

185 miles is pretty damn awesome :-)

Runner Mom said...

You look cute in your new jersey!! So proud of you,chickadee!! Way to go, Greg!!


Judi said...

you are so tiny! i can't believe how much smaller you seem to look! :)

Colleen said...

Congrats to your son! :) And yay for you putting in so many miles! The kits look great!