Monday, August 31, 2009

Numbers are In

So the numbers are in… last week is now history… did I meet the 14 hours of saddle time…. Nope. I came in with just over 11 hours.

The mistake that I keep making is not taking a true rest day. Weather and other events took a 4 day riding week and made it into a 6 day riding week. So when the last ride of the week came I (again) had trashed legs. I am going to spare you my whining and just move on.

Still, the weekend was full of riding and tons of fun! You know it is good when you leave the house on Sunday at 6:45am and return home at 6pm that night. Scott and I were so exhausted that we gave into the bed not long after 8pm. We had such a fantastic time together. Truly worth being wasted on a Monday.

So this week.. I am drilling in my head to only ride my scheduled 4 days. According to our plan this will be the mix:

Monday – REST… YES!!! I am taking it.

Tuesday – 2hrs.

Wednesday – weights / yoga

Thursday – 2 hours

Friday – Off / yoga

Saturday – 5.5 hours

Sunday - 4 hours

Total Saddle Time: 13.5 hours.



Marlene said...

You still had some strong numbers! Enjoy your rest and good luck this week!

Lily on the Road said...

Close enough I'd say! Good Job!!

ShirleyPerly said...

Yes, I too am guilty of overdoing things on rest days. I'm sure you'll get it right this week. Glad you had a great time with Scott regardless!

Grey Beard said...

I find hours early in the day are 'must be", so getting to bed early works better, as those are my fun hours.

It does make it harder if your fatigue doesn't hit you until the 2nd or 3rd day, as you have to anticipate your sleep requirement, and I am usually hyper after a ride.

Shannon said...

Proud of you! Train smart mama!

Wes said...

Keep makin adjustments! You will nail it!!

Anonymous said...

You never just do something the half way. I love and admire that. Looking forward to seeing where this journey leads you.