Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And They Climbed

Our team ride on Saturday was a standard 70 mile route with plenty of rolling hills. Not sure, but I would imagine around or more than 100 cyclist showed and made a donation to the Challenge to Conquer Cancer on our behalf. Great Escape put on such an amazing event and with the promise of a huge spread of food upon our return. I felt fantastic on Saturday. Even energy the entire way. I would note that Scott also rode and completed the same distance. His longest distance to date. Super proud of his accomplishment!

Monday offered our second ride. An email titled “And They Climbed” would provide you with a sneak peek into what would be an amazing route. Since we needed some additional night ride training we headed out just before 6am. Can you guess what time a person has to get up to make this happen?…lol. Nine of us rolled out and enjoyed the cool dark morning air before the sun made an appearance an hour later. The sections of climbing were sometimes long and lasted for miles while other times we had steep short sections. In the end we rode just under 80 miles with over 6200 feet of climbing and took in some of the most beautiful mountain views around.

We rolled in the dark while normal people SLEEP :)

Had to stop and take in the views as the sun came up.

We climbed....

And we climbed some more.....

Another ride in the books. What a sweet finish!

Since becoming a part of this event I had not realized how close I had become to all of these individuals. I hate Cancer and I hate when those around us are affected by it. I have always kept this blog fitness related and steered clear of very personal issues but I will say that my emotions took the best of me when a dear sweet friend learned that her cancer was back. She is a fighter and I will do all that I can to be a part of fighting cancer even beyond this event.

At 8:30pm last night I gave into the effects of all the riding and slept for close to 10 hours. Thankful for the ability to ride and share the road with some amazing people. Even more thankful for a REST DAY today.

I stuck to the ride plan last week and as a result all of my rides were dead on target. SUCCESS :)

Relentless Forward Motion.



Wes said...

Let's keep climbing, shall we? Only by fighting shall we win :-)

Marlene said...

"standard 70 mile route with plenty of rolling hills" <-- not something I will ever say. :)

What a great feeling to be out on the open road long before anyone else is awake. Sounds like some quality training this weekend!

What a great group you have there! Congrats to hubs on his longest ride too!

Runner Mom said...

Y'all have lost your minds! But I am so proud of you anyway!! And esp Scott! Whoohoo!!

I 'll be praying for your friend!! Call when you can!

Grey Beard said...
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Grey Beard said...

Lots of climbing, lots of miles, but don't they go so much easier in the cool of the night?

I would really appreciate knowing what lights your group is using Robin. I saw the video of your group on FaceBook and the bikes looked very well lit. Is there a "leader's light" and everyone else? What's the group strategy? TVMIA.

Thanks again for helping to beat cancer. Too many gone already. Time to stop this evil thing.

Shannon said...

I love me some rolling hills! Maybe we'll ride together one day Robin girl. :)

Stuart said...

Some mounatins will need climbing for a lot longer but wel donw to you for getting to the top of this one!

Kevin said...

Sounds like some amazing riding. Lots of "great" climbing

Kelly's runner said...


Great job on the ride and the climbing.

I am sorry to hear about your friend. Keep pedaling for a cure. You are providing support and hope to all that are affected by this horrible disease.

Anonymous said...

The roads you take are mesmerizing.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i hate cancer too... great ride for a wonderful cause. I so need to get back on my bike... I'm doing my first 100k ride this saturday, after this week, I think I need it!

ShirleyPerly said...

That IS a lot of climbing -- well done both of you!!

And glad you took some extra time to rest. No doubt the battle against cancer is a fierce one.