Monday, September 14, 2009

An EPIC Week for Me

I have been playing “smart girl” and sticking to the four day a week riding schedule and as a result I have had two very good riding weeks. This past week was an Epic week in numbers for me.

Total Ride Time: 14hr

Total Miles: 240

By far the largest week that I have ever had riding. While my “saddle area” felt like it needed the paddles of life following our recovery ride yesterday I otherwise feel fantastic. Not making it much past 9:30pm on any given night but that is to be expected.

One of my mid week workouts was spent on the trainer. I made it 1hr 45 min. before I ended the sweat fest. If anyone wants a kick-your-butt trainer workout I guarantee this will do it:

Warm up for 5-10 minutes easy pace.

Hour One - big gear, low cadence work

3x (10 minutes of big ring, low cadence, 5 minute recovery)

I went one gear harder after each 10 minute segment, so my cadence lowered throughout the set.

Hour Two - power hour!

The third hour is a ladder effort of 2x through:

(1 minute easy, 1 minute hard, 2 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy, 3 minutes hard, 4 minutes easy, 4 minutes hard, 5 minutes easy, 5 minutes hard).

Cool down 5-10 minutes easy pace.

Our Saturday morning ride began before Sunrise and was over before high noon. What made this riding memorable for me was the heavy fog that lingered far longer than most morning. When the sun made an entrance it spilled out over the trees and painted the roads for us. Just an amazing thing to experience every weekend. Although we did not head for the mountains for this 83 mile ride we did do our share of climbing and ended with an avg of 17.8mph. Very pleased with this.

Tonight brings a well deserved massage. 60 minutes of heaven and then straight home to veg out.

This week calls for 17 hrs.

Tuesday - 2.5 hrs

Thursday - 2.5 hrs.

Saturday - 6 hrs.

Sunday - 6hrs.

Likely be closer to 14-15hrs. if I were to make a bet on it right now. Really need to make my mind up on some Compression Recovery Tights. I sure could use them NOW. :)



Vincent said...

I've got Skins, but only the compression socks, not tights and I really like them. On that note I should be wearing them now but forgot them at home, my coworkers love making fun of me for them. If their tights are anything like the socks I would highly recommend them.

Thats some big bike mileage, I haven't had a week like that in a long time.

Wes said...

very nice!!! ain't no way I'm trying that trainer workout. I don't like to cry :-D

Marlene said...

There is definitely something to be said for seeing the sunrise every weekend.

Congrats on a HUGE week!

scott keeps running said...



Runner Mom said...

I love that pic of you all with the sun rising!! Beautiful!
That workout would be great if I had a trainer!!!!! Keep your eyes open, chickadee!

Let me know if you need that boa!!
Love ya!
Have you heard from Cheri? Big news.

ShirleyPerly said...

Wow, my butt is hurting just looking at those hours on the bike! You most certainly deserve compression tights ASAP :-)

Grey Beard said...

Very impressive Robin.

Anonymous said...

This is Life to the fullest:-)

Kevin said...

Wow. Those are some impressive numbers. I am liking my 2XU compression sleeves

Mel-2nd Chances said...

Great work, and yes, epic numbers!!! My bum was reminded of my longest ride last weekend just reading that! :)

KO said...

wow, thats alot of miles thise wekk..

Hey u mind popping over to my site and weighing in on a Question I have about a used bike to buy..
thanks kenny