Wednesday, November 4, 2009


This is always the question after the completion of a big event. I will save you the head drama and list a few ideas below:

1. Ironman – no budget for this but still a wish and goal I have

2. Challenge to Conquer Cancer Cycle Relay October 2010 - no way I will miss being a part of this next year

3. Rockmont Challenge – 12/24 hr Trail Run – May 2010 - With a $30 registration fee how could I pass up being on the trails again

4. Cycle Events – Several local events that I will be a part of during the winter and will continue through next year

So really the Ironman will be the only “wish list” event that I do not see happening in 2010. I am tossing around a Half Ironman here in SC next October so I have plenty of time to figure that out.

For now I have decided to switch over to Winter conditioning. Meaning I will continue to cycle but will also toss in some crossing training runs with some yoga and strength training. I am not going to overly stress if I miss working out one day here and there. Mentally this time of year you just need to let go and relax. I want to go into next year refreshed and ready to enjoy another great year.

Thank you all for the amazing comments on my last post and providing me such encouraging support leading up to the trip to Austin. Tomorrow night I will rejoin a lot of my team for a night ride from a local bike shop. Love that I am going to put my bike light to use!



Marlene said...

Sounds like a good plan. I completely agree, this "down time" is crucial to recover mentally and physically. I'm doing the same - less running, more cross-training.

Shannon said...

"1. Ironman – no budget for this but still a wish and goal I have"

JUST DO IT!!!!!!

I'll be your biggest cheerleader~promise high kicks and everything!

BTW, we must do a bike event next year together!

Lily on the Road said...

You are amazing, and yes, doing an Iron is extremely expensive, but isn't it better to live in the now than in the later?

You will do what is best for you, again, BIG Congrat's to you and the team...awesome job!

Anonymous said...

I had no idea an Iron Man is so expensive. Maybe you can find a way doing it?

ShirleyPerly said...

Have you heard of the Trakkers ( sponsorship?

They will cover the cost of you entering a Rev3 event (one is an iron tri in Sandusky, OH - $500) and the technology sounds like something that would be great for the other events you are doing. I can't find much other info about the technology but am applying too.

Enjoy your off-season and look forward to following you in 2010!!

Wes said...

There must be a next... Rock on :-)

p.s. I'll high kick with Shannon/fracilicious :-)

Jason said...

I don't have a budget for an ironman either but it is my big dream. I am going to do everything I can to make it happen in 2011. Good for you for having goals and plans!

Judi said...

i am so with you. really. just live for the moment and don't stress about w/o's and how many miles you rode this week, LOL. :)

You should come and do IMLou 2011 w/ me.

Mel-2nd Chances said...

i totally see you doing an IM... wishes do come true, so it may be off you 'wish' list soon :)

Grey Beard said...

Sounds like your winter will be like mine, except I'll mtb instead of run. Rain days I'll hit the gym, or if it's below freezing outside. Looking forward to the change in season and routine.

Stuart said...

Looks like a solid plan for next year. IMs are sooo freekin' expensive!

Gotta love those cheap trial races

Kevin said...

Sounds like a solid plan. With DNFing my first attempt at IM, I hope to be back at it in 2011. With the exception of a headwind for the last 40 miles of the bike and a poorly lit run course, B2B was a great race and hopefully I will be back there in 2011. Maybe youll be up for an IM in 2011 too