Monday, January 11, 2010

Quality Training

Last night we had our 2010 Team planning meeting. Since I am new to this team you bet I had plenty of questions.

First order of business was the discussion of the Spring Racing Series that takes place in 6 WEEKS. Now I am fully aware that this series will be more about the experience and with tons of learning BUT I still want to be ready and prepare the best that I can. Our coach gave a nice speech and answered all of our questions. This morning we received our training program which just happens to start TODAY and I am diving into it. So excited to get some direction and guidance. He reminded us that our rides need to be about quality. Meaning that when we ride they need to be focused towards our goal which is racing. It is always easy to settle into a comfort pace but in order to see some measurable improvements I (we) need to be more focused and push certain workouts.

So with that thought I knew I would see things like Spin Ups, Isolated Leg Drills, Sprints, and Tempo Intervals. Some of these I have avoided in the past for my own wimpy reasons but no longer. Let the fun / pain begin. I am so excited about stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing what I can do on the bike this year.

No outdoor riding this past weekend due to the freezing temps. I did have the pleasure of riding on the Computrainer with 7 other riders through Quebec for 2 hours. About an hour into the ride Coach mentioned that we were entering a 15 minute section that packed some climbing and it just would not let up. Boy he was not joking. All of us were groaning/crying before it was over.

So to wrap up the weekend I enjoyed a run with Scott. It is never too cold outside for that.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are ready and excited to challenge yourself. Go for it. Can't wait to read about your progress.

Runner Mom said...

You are precious! I just read your earlier posts--you nut! No novacaine??? Robin......honey!!! Bless your heart!

Call me later about the half marathon:)


Dave said...

I am excited for you....others always tend to bring the best out in's why I run with guys faster than me....I humble myself when I run with those guys...and know it makes me better...Congrats on finding such a good group...although I am guessing your one of the fast ones!

Shannon said...

2010 is gonna be awesome. Those workouts sound brutal~and fun at the same time.

Chris said...

Wow Robin! Sounds pretty exciting! How is it that you ALWAYS get hooked up with the "best thing going" around here? :-)

Grey Beard said...

You're such a great team player. Good to see you focused on goals this early in the year. Sounds like you'll be coughing blood after some of those upcoming rides. Join the club! ;)

ShirleyPerly said...

I've never trained on a Computrainer before but have heard good things about them. When I need motivation to work hard on the bike, I'll just come here :-)