Thursday, April 29, 2010

Will this make me STRONGER?

Like strength training, I have attempted sticking with the weekly interval / speed work session only to let it fall to the side after a workout or two. Now that I have successfully incorporated 2 strength training sessions a week for 20 weeks now I am determined to do the same with the prescribed speed work.

Last week I failed after attempting my first one (a watch issue on my part) but this week there was success!!!

Prescribed Workout -

10 minute warm-up

7 x 30 second all out with 2 minute recovery

10 minute cool down

So after I set my watch correctly this time I took off….( list contains sprints only)

1- 6:52

2- 6:53

3- 7:12

4- 7:21

5- 6:08

6- 6:46

7- 6:51

Not sure what happened to #2 and #3 but I am happy overall. The workout went by super fast and must admit I am looking forward to next’s week already.

Still, I wonder… will this make me fast like the elite?…. Maybe not but it can’t hurt.



Karen said...

Thanks for sharing your speed workout. I sooooo need to incorporate one (or two) into my week.

Dave said...

good stuff....speed work ...and strength does everybody keep up with you...;-)

Judi said...

yep yep, supposed to make you fast. my coach will be prescribing these too.

Scott Keeps Running said...

Maybe even faster than the elite. :)

teacherwoman said...

Fast like the elite for sure! Nice job, girl!

Anonymous said...

I have spent the last couple of weeks searching for a training plan that will make me fitter and faster. I believe there are many tricks and hints to be more successful and a lot is doing the research and math. Every elite runner does sprints and intervals; they hurt like hell but will be worth it. Push through!!!

Bob said...

Excellent! Are those paces?

Marlene said...

Way to stick with the speed work! It makes such a difference. Nice workout!

Stuart said...

Fast training = fast racing! That's the math!

Grey Beard said...

I have corrupted you? Stats? >B Whooo, hooo! :D SOOooo proud.

Well, decades of dust on my running career, but for biking, yes, speed training helps a lot. In part it's muscle memory I think, and in part drawing on different types of muscle fibers.

Whatever it is, those are great baseline numbers. Objective performance metrics are crucial for me. Should be rewarding to be able to document your progress too.

Wes said...

Work your way up to those 30/30s. I have those on my schedule in a couple of months. I can't wait *snicker*


Anonymous said...