Monday, June 14, 2010

A TEAM is born

I remember when my racing all began. In July 2002 I lined up at a 5k run in Hilton Head, SC. Gun goes off and it is balls-to-the-wall. Fast forward several years and I turned to running Ultra’s on the trails… MMTR 54 miles being the longest in November 2009.

P3C3 Corp Shield Team

Not until this year would I have considered running the 5,8, or 10k events. The endurance events fit me best mainly because you settle in and push a more moderate pace for the long haul of it. I am not so much of a fan of the balls-to-the-wall running BUT when a team was formed this year I did not want to miss out on the fun. So this past Saturday was our first event as a team. At 6:30am the 8k race began and within seconds every runner was covered with sweat from head to toe. The humidity was CRAZY! Here is the breakdown:

Mile 1 – 8:33 (flat and faster than I would normally start out)

Mile 2 – 8:06 (what in the freak and I doing)

Mile 3 – 8:15 (quick water station stop. heading into some rollers)

Mile 4 – 8:11 (need to be finished. want to walk. so hot)

Mile 5 – 8:10 (could feel my breakfast wanted to make an appearance)

Total Time – 41:15 (avg 8:18)

Following the run our same group geared up and headed out for our scheduled ride. No need to put a dry sports bra on or even dry socks for that matter. We were dripping in no time as the speed ramped up. Although my plan called for a 4-5 hr ride I wrapped it up with just over 40 miles (avg 17.4) and could more than live with the decision to do so.

Once home I realized that I lost 3 lbs from the buckets of sweat. Even with having taken in more than a 100 oz of fluid I had no notion of needing to use the bathroom.

This heat is something else and we are only in June. Should make this week’s training pretty interesting.



Marlene said...

That's some serious sweaty action this weekend. Way to go!

The Happy Runner said...

Nice job on the 8k!

Dave said... have madd skilz on the run...seriously I wish I had your VO2Max...and your right...the other day I ran a 13 mile run...drank 2 liters and lost 5 lbs...hydration and electrolyte balance...

Stuart said...

If only we could reabsorb our sweat as hydration!

Sweet pace!

Oh and have to say...I pity da fool!

Grey Beard said...

Bone dry here the last week. Phoenix dry ~ 15% or less, but high 90's. Easier to say cool than in humidity - especially on the bike.

Had to remind myself, last week when humid, to favor starch and maltodextrin over sugar. Sugar, like salt, brings on thirst, but sugar only till out of your stomach. Makes for yo-yo of hydration requirement. Hard to manage. Molasses cookie worked great.

Wow, that's a fast run! :-O

Wes said...

The heat is definitely sumfin else... Nice job on the 8K? :-)

jackveronic said...

自然是上帝最偉大的神來之筆。 ............................................................

ShirleyPerly said...

Hey, we must be on parallel universes. I've been feel the same way as you about long vs. short events, the awesome power of TEAM work, and heat & humidity. Here's to trying to stay hydrated!

Running Diva Mom said...

Hey -- just found you and look forward to following your journey! ;-)


Scott Keeps Running said...

Tasting my breakfast once is enough for me. :)