Monday, July 19, 2010

3 X 3

Three times last week I dragged-my-sorry-butt out of bed at 4:30am or just after to get the early A.M. workouts in. Some of you are already accustomed to this but for me this is HUGE. Still waiting for my!

Saturday I signed up for a Tri clinic. Scott and I are both doing something new “behind the scenes” with a better balance in our eating so with the clinic being an early start I had to get up extra early to make sure I had this balance breakfast.

Oatmeal with dried cranberry’s

Protein Drink

2 tsp of natural peanut butter


The clinic went well. I practiced my "tweaked" swim stroke and was able to take 7 minutes off of the mile distance. WILD! Bike went great and the run went well. What I really needed practice with was my transitions but we did not incorporate this so I really must on my own before my next Tri on August 1st.

Sunday Scott and I headed out for a ride and get some climbing in. In a continued effort to HR Train we wanted to maintain a heart-rate of around 155bpm with high cadence for the entire ride. Even on the hills. This ride was harder than I would have thought. On the flats I was spinning like a humming bird and the climbs were not that much different. What I did notice is that by monitoring the HR closer I never hit the red zone leaving me with the blown up/need to recover feeling and our ride time was just as good if not a little bit faster than past Bakery Rides. So it was an even effort throughout the ride.

Another rinse and repeat week.



Marlene said...

I'm still waiting on my award too! What a thankless sport! LOL, totally kidding. AWESOME on the early morning and gold star for ensuring you had your proper breakfast. I am LAZY with pre-riun fuel on these early mornings and that is no good. Something to work on...

Have a great week - YOU ROCK!

teacherwoman said...

You are a rockstar, Robin and totally deserve an award of some sort for those early mornings! Keep it up girl!

Wes said...

Yea, I got this 4 - 4:30 AM thing down, but I am passing out at 9 PM :-) Gotta Love It!! (get it? Gotta Run, Gotta Ride.... :-D

Stuart said...

Gotta get it done!

Nice always!

Scott Keeps Running said...

I don't like pre-work workouts. A.M. on the weekends is fine...but jeez, it sounds crazy on a Tuesday. (or Wednesday)

Bob said...

Outstanding. Wish I culd get up that early but it never happens!

TRI-james said...

I'm up early but the bed is calling around 9PM.

Grey Beard said...

Welcome to the oatmeal and Zone 5 ban club. I sooooo am smiling here. For a little extra protein wheat germ. My Garmin has alerts - which I use for HR.

I too find my fatigue, especially the next day, to be a function of Zone 5 time - especially above 95% of max HR.

I don't know diddly about mornings. Isn't morning that big gray sploch on my clock face? I have heard rumors about "mornings", but I think they are just an urban myth!