Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This Matters...

Sometimes it is hard not to get in a funk. When you are so driven and passionate about something it is hard to believe that everyone would not feel the same. Seems these days whenever you even say the word “Fund Raiser” some run the opposite direction as fast as they can.

Scott and I are brain storming like crazy daily trying to think-outside of the box in hopes to reach our $10,000 goal for the Challenge to Conquer Cancer. We really do not want to resort to begging.

This weekend we are having an indoor Tri. How could someone not want to escape the heat and not be a part of Tri-It-Cancer? 11 are registered.

This feeling will pass and our spirits will once again be lifted because in the end this mattersthis is importantCancer will not win!



Marlene said...

Sorry you have not had a better turn out for your indoor tri. Hopefully lots of people will sign up on race day? Hand out fliers like crazy at the YMCA!!!

There were some cyclists riding oin trainers in our local mall recently to raise money for their cause. Do you have a venue that might allow you do do that in a very public place?

Grey Beard said...

If I get good news, you'll get good news. How's that? :D

OtterPop said...

You will get there. We will help you as much as we can, in whatever ways we can. We believe in this because it DOES matter. Hang in there! --Jess

Wes said...

I think bloggy peeps are bombarded by fund raisers from good people! It's hard to spread what limited charity funds I have so thin.

Scott came a begging on Facebook anyways, and I caved :-) I will do my donation today!