Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Balls-All-Out RUN

First up this week was a 5k balls-all-out run after a 30 minute run to get the body on board. Last Fall I did this same little test to set my HR zones in place and it was time to double check the numbers.

All day on Tuesday I was both excited and nervous. The feeling like I remember as you line up at the local 5k’s. I do my warm-up run as it begins raining with low 50 degree temps. Clear my watch out and OFF I GO. It took only a matter of minutes and my excitement was replaced by misery. I had turned off every feature on my Garmin and only had the distance visible. The entire run I had no idea of my time or pace. This was smart but holy-mother-alive it felt like the distance was never going to be reached.

I completed the little torture test and made my way home. Reviewed my data… was pleased…would have been thrilled if it were just 13 seconds faster giving me a sub 24 minute 5k…. but will take the 24:12 finish time. If this had been a true racing event I just have to know that I would have hit the goal. Anyway......Now my data has been handed over and now I await my zones.

Tonight I have yoga and a swim session. Tonight is also my first sets of 100’s speed sets in the pool. I am excited right now but all of that could vanish once I hit the water. :)

What an exciting adventure to Iron that I am on!



Stuart said...

Cajones for zones...seems like a fair swap!

Lily on the Road said...

LOL at Stuart!

That is a rock'n speedy time for a 5k, good for you!! We did a slip sliding 5K on Sunday and it took me 33 minutes...

felog said...

Nice job on the 5k! You'll get those 13 seconds soon enough.

Chad said...

Great job with the max effort test! You will be under those 13 seconds and then some soon enough.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

I want this to learn more about this homemade GU, will you please post about it?

Wes said...

My first thoughts were: "I don't see any balls hanging off that stick figure!" :-)

Sounds distinctly like my test! 12 laps around the track never took so long! and I refused to look at my Garmin, which was a good thing!

Now, let's see how much ballzy we really have, and do it again in 4-6 weeks :-D