Thursday, March 17, 2011

Handicapped Bathrooms

· With Team Camp all day on Sunday I did not get my routine completed in making sure I had everything in place for the week ahead. Now I feel like I am just trying to hang on.

· Why does my body not realize we had day-light-savings? Instead of staying up an hour later at night I seem to be running for the bed an hour earlier.

· Running in the rain for my 45 minute session on Tuesday felt great even I had very tired legs. Thankfully is was an easy run z3.

· Changing up your entire strength and core workout results in me needing handicapped bathrooms today. think I am playing.

Notable workout from Wednesday:

Bike –

10 min easy spin

10 min alternating single legs

10 min gearing mix

2 x 15 min intervals (wow…this got my legs talking some smack)

10 min easy spin cool down

Swim –

8x50 drills sets

2x100 easy

8x50 speed sets (holy lord above)


4x75 (last 25 all out)

2x100 easy cool down

I wasted an hour once I arrived home so once I finally got my butt in gear it was well after 7pm before everything was completed. (That may sound early to some but since I am home by 4pm everyday getting busy right away makes getting some downtime earlier with the family better.) Overall the efforts were strong throughout both workouts but in truth I was a bit tired. Still, I finished it all and then feasted on a yummy dinner. Thanks Scott!

Come on weekend!! We are headed out of town and for the hills on two wheels. :))



Marlene said...

I love your stacks of grapes and Chobani!

And DST is totally messing with me. I'm sleepy all day and yet can't sleep well at night! Urgh.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

So after your core workout, did you feel it on the swim? Its a very weird feeling I think

teacherwoman said...

You're fridge looks better than mine! Nice work!