Thursday, March 10, 2011

A little Quickie

Just a little quickie on life for me this week.......

· Made a huge batch of homemade steel cut oatmeal granola on Sunday. I am thinking that I have consumed a bit too much based on the amount of time I have spent in the bathroom. Just saying! LOL!

· Had my YMCA assessment this week. Since beginning this journey of training for IMKY I am down 9lbs. and also down 2.3% body fat.

· Snoozed my way through a run on Tuesday morning. I justified it by saying it was only 30 minutes long. Stupid reasoning I know.

· While watching the steady, cold rain from my garage I crushed a trainer session last night. At the beginning of the session my head was just not into the ride but as time went on I began to really focus and plug into it nailing the rpm's and prescribed hr-zones. My final bike fit on Monday did the trick in tweaking a few discomforts. It also helped having some rocking music playing.

· Brand new strength and core program set to begin this week. I blanked out and forgot to bring the workout list with me to the gym on Tuesday. It has an insane amount of core written into it compared to what I have been doing. My abs are really scared!

· Team Training Camp all weekend beginning on Friday night! Love time with the girls on this team. Just inspiring! Looks like we are going to have perfect weather for some road time.

Hope everyone has had a great week. Thank you for the comments each week. Always nice knowing other “crazies” are out there.



Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I bought some steel oats, seems like a pain to cook them, honestly I just glanced over the directions, didnt read it in detail

- I started a core program, my abs dont like me, wait till you get into the pool a couple days after you do core

- Have fun this weekend!!!

Wes said...

being able to make a go/no-go decision while sleeping is just talent, I say. Way to listen to your body :-)

Marlene said...

I need the recipe for your steel-cut granola pleeeease! I love granola but hate all the stuff they add in the boxed varieties. Plus, I have a new found love for steel cut oats!

Runner Mom said...

Craig loves those steel cut oats too! Give me my instant Quaker honey nut ones anyday!!!! I want to hear about the new strength and core training plan!!

Stuart said...

Hey if you want some sand between your toes, there's plenty near my house, plus hills for your bikes and trails for your soul...but no kitty litter!

Anonymous said...

Awesome work, Robin. 2.3% loss is huge! I also love Greek yoghurt by the way. Perfect for when you are craving something sweet!

Have a good week!