Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 21

Last Thursday was a first for me. Before heading out for my first Time Trial I arrived home from work and quickly completed my swim session followed by 30 minutes of running drills. What a way to prime my legs for the Time Trail that was about to take place.

Scott and I arrived early and I joined two of my teammates for a quick warm-up. The course is an out and back with lots of long rollers. Nothing too bad. Before I know it I am in line and ready for my start.

Since I know this road rather well I felt fairly comfortable with my effort but began messing around with my gearing far too much. Could not figure out if I wanted spin at a high cadence or a slower one and just about blew my legs up on the out-portion before turning around to come back. So many little rookie mistake :).

Distance: 10 miles

Time: 28:54 / 20.7 mph avg

RPM: 81 avg / 112 max

Placed 2nd in female division (*29 sec back from 1st place female)

Friday I set out to get my long ride of the week completed and knocked it out on my trainer. The road would have been more enjoyable but since I do not ride solo I just did what needed to be done. I truly feel that I had such a SOLID session for my 3 hr 30 min following my written training session to a T. Gearing mixes, 2 x 11.5 mile TT, 2x 10 min high effort outputs…. It was EPIC both mental and physical!

Sunday I wrapped the weekend up with a Mother’s Day half marathon. Scott provide moving aid station support for me. What an awesome hubby!! I could not have mapped out a hillier course. MY word it was work but still managed to hold my target long run pace.

9.6 miles – 9:33 avg (hills)

3.6 miles – 8:53 avg (flat)

So that wraps up week 21!! Received TWO massage gift certificates from my boys and Scott for Mother’s Day. Guess what I will be doing this week?



Marlene said...

Cleartly the boys know what you really want! Enjoy those massages - well earned! You are rocking the training. Congrats on another solid week!

Wes said...

I did one (ONE!) three hour trainer ride. I'd rather stick a needle through my finger :-) You are a glutton for punishment! You are going to be so prepared for that IM!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Time trials are so fun. Congrats on the taking 2nd place

Matthew Smith said...

What a great mother's day gift! Nice work on the time trial. I bet if you had figured the gearing out sooner, you'd have finished #1. Second is a great spot too, though. Way to go with the riding as well as that half marathon. Hills are a pain in the butt, but it looks like you were strong anyway. Way to go!

Colleen said...

Congrats on rocking that time trial! ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your AG win and sweet week overall. That pic of you speeding away is s-u-p-a!!!!!

Matty O said...

Never done a time trial. Curious what I would do, mash it out or stick to my 90 cadence rule? Probably mash the gears since there would be no run after ;)

Great workouts!!! How many weeks is your training program?