Wednesday, June 1, 2011


THIS Saturday will be my first Half Iron distance event ever. Because the course is so similar to what I will have for Ironman Louisville I knew that choosing this event would be a perfect fit. Who knew I would also get the OVEN temps. 100 degrees for race day. Am I a lucky girl or what?! :)

I am going in with a good attitude and plan on sticking to my coaches direction as closely as possible. The clock will not rule me on this day. This is all training in the bank for the BIG EVENT in August and I am focused on the true goal of the day….survival.


Coach had me run a short threshold test on last Friday. Of course it was hot and I nearly puked. Since I am looking for some magic to happen within my runs I was more than willing to do this little torture test but do admit that I HATED IT! He told me to run my balls off so I did. Picture below to prove it.

Saturday I joined a few friends for my long ride. As I feared my legs were pissed for the first 20 miles. Guess the threshold test the night before had something to do with that. LOL. The second half of the ride was better and to my surprise my run following was outstanding! I nailed the target HR zones and with each mile I was pulling faster and faster paces. When the science works it is a wonderful thing!!

Even though I was CRAZY to rescue a puppy during Ironman training I am pleased to report that Tanner is making a very good addition to our family. Ironman training and Puppy training can work at the same time with minimal meltdowns on my part.



Matty O said...

Man, that will be hard, having your first 70.3 and not want to race it haha. The bright side is this... you will get a PR ;)

Be smart out there, that is my goal this year too. 70.3 will be a TRAINING RACE! I will not look up my previous time to beat it haha.

And I call BS. There is no way puppy training and IM training can co-incide... I KNOW! haha.

Cute pup though!

Have fun this weekend, put ice down your shirt and in your hat on the run, should have ice every mile for you.

Karen said...

Good luck this weekend! It is definitely HOT, HOT, HOT here which (lucky you) is unusual for this time of year. Well, for it to be THIS hot anyhow. Have a great race :)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Good luck and have fun, you are going to do great

Kit Kat said...

What an adorable puppy! You're going to have a great time on Saturday! Just make sure to remember your salts!

Marlene said...

So happy things are going well with Tanner! :)

100 degrees? UGH! Better now than for your 140.6. Look at it this way - take your time out there because more hours = more training. Be safe!!!

Matthew Smith said...

Tanner is a good lookin' pup! Your coach is pretty intense to make you do all that craziness. Keep up the good work. You're going to do great on this HIM.

katierunsthis said...

Good luck on your getting your first half Iron distance in this weekend! You can do it! It sounds like it will be crazy hot, so be sure to hydrate and eat well! I'm sure you know that but I still feel the need to say it.

Your new pup is too cute and good for you for taking in a rescue. They are the best!!

Wes said...

how can you resist that face? and worked your balls off?!? HAHAHAHAHA! That's funny :-)

Gotta love Macon in the summer time. Go hard early. Then switch to heat conservation/survival mode.

You got this!

Bob said...

Good luck and run smart! 100 degree, that ought to raise your HR 15+ all on its own. Waiting for the report!

Thomas Bussiere said...

You will do great things.

Runner Mom said...

Y'all are in my prayers! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Have a super race Robin. I'm sure you'll do great at your first half i. Hydrate well:-))

Grey Beard said...

Good to see your sense of humor is ~ intact. Better collect those balls for race day!