Monday, January 30, 2012

It's ALL Good

It happens to all of us.... you are balanced in life/training and just like that..... it all tumbles down.  I am in the middle of company and job change which is effecting my life/training these days.  When too much happens all at once I shutdown.  Brain could not take one more thing so I did only what was needed to get through the days and weeks and I am starting to find the balance once again.

On the Training Front:
Lots of rinse and repeats during the base phase.  I am seriously ready for the build phase to begin.  B-O-R-E-D...and ready to mix it up a bit.

I am continuously reminded of what a mental game training is.  One day I curse myself at the horrible run and the next day my heart flies like a Kenyan.  My swim session on Saturday was one-of-my-best and I was actually in a crappy mood.  Go figure.

Team Rev3:
So many things are happening with Rev3 that I can barely keep up.  This is a good thing!!!  If you have a minute visit their website at .

  • Event and Training now offered all on ONE PLACE
  • Run Across America to raise money for the Ulman Cancer Foundation
  • Added event destinations
They are seriously turning it up this year.

Just today I arrived home and had this goodie package that arrived from SBR Sports.  Can hardly wait to put all of this product to use!!!

Has anyone used this product?  Would love to know your thoughts.



Marlene said...

Good luck with the company/job changes... ack, stress. I hope all goes smoothly and that you can relieve stress with your training!

Colleen said...

Good luck with the job stuff. Hopefully it all calms down soon. I mean, really... don't they know you have training to do? :)

I love my triswim - use it religiously after pool workouts and then swear by trislide pre race and training. The stuff is pretty amazing! :)

Matty O said...

Honestly, why does work never understand that we have more important things to focus on??? I mean, HELLO!!! we can't just throw away our base training!

Hoping everything is going smooth for you. Keep up the great work!

Wes said...

HANG ON CHICA! Sometimes, the ride gets bumpy, but you got this!

Karen said...

Good luck on the job front... hang in there!

I have hear great things baout tri-slide but haven't tried it yet. I have tried the goggle wipes but I think my goggles are so old that they are beyond help.

Stuart said...

Hang in there, you have been round the loop once and you know there is always an off stop

Nice swag lil' Ms Sponsored!