Sunday, May 31, 2015


And just like that I am questioning the process.  Only steps into running my first run in a new perscribed heartrate zone and I am reminded of how I will run so slow to meet the #1 objective, heart rate zone 1-2.

I can run faster. I can push harder. Just like that I stop the voices in my head and listen to coaches voice... "resist the urge to go faster."

See, I know I have trust issues.  There are only a small handful of friends that I would paceline with while cyclying. Trusting their wheel in front of me. Only a smaller handful of friends that I could pick the phone up and trust that if I shared a secret with and not worry that they would run quickly to tell another.

See this is the year that I woke up saying "why not me....why not now." With that I put into place a starting point to help me move forward to a dream that I am finally brave enough to chase. To share. To embrace. Boston.

I began talking with Coach Maria.  We hatched a plan and the excitement to began to grow even stronger.  Two months went by before the official beginning date that seemed like it would never arrive and now it had finally arrived.

So only days in with sore abs and hips that are tender from lunges I know that with faith in the plan I will get fitter and faster. I will run slower until coach tells me different. I will do the work.  I will trust.



Grey Beard said...

What a cool goal! I wish I had that kind of trust in another's expertise. It makes life a lot easier. Looking forward to progress reports.

Grey Beard said...


Grey Beard said...

Hey Robin, you know what? Facebook sucks! Pact, you and I start blogging again! Deal?

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