Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Love of Fatigue

What a busy 48 hours…
Friday – 4 hour trail run. Mostly uneventful. We decided to hit the trails with the all hills and just push through it. Since my GPS watch will not track well in the woods we always set a time rather than distance. About 3 hours into the trails I stop for a quick check of the map and I get a feeling that to most would not be welcomed… fatigue…. And I realize that I long for this feeling. To work my body to limits of fatigue is gratifying and I feed off of this. I want to push on even after the 4 hour mark but with the sun setting this will end what was a wonderful trail adventure.

Saturday – Coffee and cleaning filled my morning. The afternoon was filled with a band competition for my 13 year old. He won TWO ribbons and I am thrilled for him. What a kid! A quick ride home and within minutes I hit the YMCA for a 30 elliptical workout and 25 minute sauna escape. I love the heat!

Sunday – 10 mile run… or so that was the plan. A friend and I ride downtown for a run through the park. This place is just beautiful. Since I normally seem to take the lead on most runs I offer her this role and she leads us to the steepest most growling hills. Add some serious stomach issues and I dash to my first bathroom stop after only running 3 miles. So off we go again. Another 2 miles and I am praying to the Gods for another bathroom. What is happening? Can someone open the heavens and place a bathroom 5 feet in front of me. I am now at a level 9 out of 10!! Now walking I manage to make it another ½ mile and dash into another bathroom. That it is… I am done. We finish it with a mile run back to the car. Quick ride home and straight to you guessed it… the bathroom. SO… this afternoon my husband and I decided to cycle. I must admit that the 15 miles were hard. Hello…. 5 hours of running and a 15 mile cycle all within 48 hours. Ice bath here I come. Beer next will follow.

Birthday is over. My husband fixed the most fantastic meal and treated me so sweetly over these past few days. I am a truly lucky girl. What a chef!!

Tomorrow I will finish my 10 mile run and maybe hit the sauna for another sauna escape.

Keep running!



Scott said...


I really love reading your posts everyday...this one was GREAT though. Certainly most people can appreciate a 'nice comfortable bathroom break' while running.

Your husband

David said...

Hope you are over whatever issue was plaguing you during the run. That would not be any fun get that urge while in the middle of a phone call!

I still contend that runs quantified by numbers of hours are completely insane, however. Mostly due to jealousy.

Bob Gentile said...

Happy B-day Robin!! Geesh you did Have an Active weekend!! I got a little winded reading all that you have done-lol not bad for a 35 yr old - lol I am turning 41 in MAY(sigh))) so in a few days going to Death Valley running camp to celebrate--well not really but gonna be fun & HOTTTTTTTTTTTT!!

Congrats to ur kid & the 2 ribbons (wooo hooo)

ROBIN Said:To work my body to limits of fatigue is gratifying and I feed off of this.
OK if this is the case then GO to the TRaCK--LOL

cause that will fatigue YOU but seriously I have a lot to learn but also wise enough to know that something that hurts that bad has to be GOOD :-) and that dang track work does kick my Butt so that will be more of a focus in the upcoming months!! (sorry for the track ramble- really still trying to convince myself that it's good--ahhhh)

Have a great week,


Mendy said...

Great pic of downtown. I enjoy running down there, but, hey - sometimes the enjoyment of running in a nice environment still doesn't overshadow the need for a bathroom break. :-)

This is what I love about you, you just tell it like it is and you're such a tough girl... all that fatigue feeling and you're loving it! You're crazy - and an inspiration all in one.

Jason The Running Man said...

Great job with the workouts! I know that bathroom in need feeling very well!:)

Jason The Running Man said...

Robin - 4 days a week.

2 - easy
1 - Tempo
1 - Long

That will change once my marathon training starts.

mtnrunR said...

great post. Happy Birthday!!!! You have a keeper in your Husband!

Marcy said...

OMG After reading your Friday I need a nap LOL. 4 hrs ?!? Whooaaaaaaaaaaaa, that's amazing!

Chad said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Congrats on the milestone and the run - and the fatigue! ;-)