Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Happy Feet

I eagerly wait for the arrival of lunch yesterday so that I can head over to a local running store to purchase new shoes. I love new running shoes!! So as I pull up to the store and I remind myself that I must stay focused and only purchase shoes. This will be hard but I feel I am up to the task. As you would guess it, they have placed all the new summer running gear right as you enter the store. Plan goes right down the drain and I start looking through the racks of new shirts, shorts, sports bras… this is all too much! Focus Robin!!! The owner approaches me just in time and I am back on track. I will not start a rant about how I have spent a freaking fortune on shoes over the past several months. And I will not bore you with the details of how I did not even get 250 miles out of my last pair on Nike’s. Maybe I should just cut the tread off of a tire and glue it to my shoes. Now there is an idea. Anyway, I purchase a pair of Mizuno Wave Riders and out the door I go. After I arrive back to work I sneak the shoes on my feet. They feel so good on my feet and I just can not bring myself to taking them back off. My feet are happy and I am even more eager to get my afternoon run started.

Once arriving home I decide that the new shoes are broken in enough for a 6 miler I have planned. I quickly change and out the door I go. PACE… this is my biggest problem. I am all over the board. My GPS shows paces from 8:16 to 9:33 and I can feel it. I keep telling myself to get in a rhythm but the entire run continued with the same results. This I must work on. Following the run I hit the gym for some resistance training and treat myself to a relaxing visit in the sauna. Overall it was a good workout.



Scott said...

That is GREAT ! ! Love the little picture of the "happy feet" contibutors.

I love you so much. See you tonight BABY ! ! Unless you are "running"....

Scott said...

RUN, RUN, RUN my love ! ! !

QUESTION....would you still hold my hand if you were running a 8:16 and I was running a 10:00?

QUESTION....Bears or Battlestar Gallatica?

Mendy said...

You cracked me up telling me yesterday you were sitting at your desk with your new shoes on. I asked "I thought you got running shoes" - you - "I did". That's just too funny!

I love the wave riders. These have been my short run shoes since I had Grace (2 1/2 yrs ago). I also have mizuno's for my long runs too... they have always been a good relationship match with me.

Great job on running in the 90+ weather yesterday!

David said...

Mizuno ownz! I'm a Miz convert too, and love them.

Though not scientifically based, my opinion on pace is that mine will just vary, especially running in this area. I will vary from 5min/mile pace to almost 8min/mile pace, depending on hills, wind, road conditions, or just how I feel. Sometimes I will ease off to about 7:30 pace for a bit so I can have a reserve to kick it up a hill or whatever.

I know running technique is (or can be) very unique between runners, but I personally wouldn't find any fault in that pace variance, especially around here. Good job!

Jason The Running Man said...

Congrats on the new kicks! It's amazing how new gear motivates!:) Well, I'm the odd ball I didn't like the Mizuno's but love my Nike Air Zooms!:)

Marcy said...

That makes 2 of us, Jason ;) I had to pass on the Mizuno's too. Lovin the Air Zooms!!

You crack me up!! A girl after my own heart, I'm the same way with the shopping. Those are some pretty sweet sneaks, I would've kicked it in the office with them too LOL

aggie jogger '77 said...

Hi Robin,
Wow your Garmin sure gives you better information than mine does, it will only tell me that I'm doing maybe a 10:15 pace. I wonder if it is broken, oops I forgot, I've probably got at least 20 years on you and I keep forgetting that things slow down more at my age. Great shoe purchase and ^5 for staying away from the other stuff in the store. Oh and happy belated birthday.