Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What Went Wrong?

With tomorrow being a rest day leading up to a 5 hour trail run Friday afternoon tonight's run should have been a piece of cake. I started out with a friend for 6 or so miles for what turned out to be a hard run. Somewhere between mile 2 and 3 I mentally started shutting down. I was just not into it. As we pushed on I began to focus on feeling tired and then it became harder and harder. Was it the Oreo cookies I consumed moments before the run? Was it the two glasses of wine the night before? Was it getting to bed a little later than normal the night before (thanks David and Mendy - just playing)? I finished the 6 miles and in a respectable time but I would say that I am not feeling any excitement right now about it. One thing I am sure of is that I will enjoy my day off Thursday. Four days of running and training should deserve a rest day.

Only three weeks until the Hitchcock 50k on June 3rd. It is being held in Aiken, SC and will no doubt pack some pretty hot temps in the 9o's. Summer is almost here.

Run Happy!



Marcy said...

Uggghhhh, I hate runs like that. But luckily for me I've never gone far enough for it to be too torturous LOL. Tomorrow is another day . . . . clean slate ;D

stephruns said...

Yeah, it happens and when I realize it's not going to work out I break up the run. Next time it will back to normal!!!!!!!!!!!

David said...


j/k Robin! ;-) I think your average bad run mileage compared to total mileage would make most of us jealous, but I understand your frustration. Take a break and then go hit it again.

Mendy said...

Ahhhh.... Robin. I hate to hear that. Like David mentioned, if you take your average of good runs and compare to the bad ones - well, let's just say it's been opposite for me lately. You're doing great! And, like others it's going to happen every once in a while. Enjoy your day off - You deserve it and you'll hit that feeling of "wow, what a great run" after your FIVE hrs tomorrow, I'm sure. Have a wonderful day!!!

Overpronator said...

Good for you still making it in within decent time.

I would have punked out by mile 3.

And yes, please do hook me up with that Furman First website.

Journey to a Centum said...


It's those blah runs that make the good runs so much better. Having a running buddy always seems to make the run go better. It's usually these solo runs where you get zapped and just want to stop and walk home. A little break and a run weekend run and this tough run will be behind you.

We have a saying in our running club/community that goes "The best runners are the ones with the biggest smiles". Run Happy!


Jason The Running Man said...

Robin - Did I pass the stikin' thinkin' torch?

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Good luck with the long run Saturday. Five hours?! Wow!

It's amazing how much your mental focus (or lack there of) can affect you physically. That's why attitude and visualization is so important going into a race. Personally, I don't think it is possible to maintain that 365 days a year, so you are going to have days like that in just work to not let it happen in a race.

Great job toughing it out.

Bob Gentile said...

Hey Robin, woohooo countdown to 50k on June 3rd !! your going to do awesome!! our camp mantra was & is FOCUS, Breath & run with Purpose!!

Phil said...

You're doing great. Some mornings it takes me 3 or 4 miles to get through that "why am I doing this" feeling; then the next day, everything is wonderful. Have a great weekend.