Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Run, Visit, Run

Monday arrived and I would swear that as I arrived to work it felt as if I had just left 10 minutes earlier on Friday. Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful weekend but boy it went by too fast.

After work I went home and quickly changed into my running clothes. The plan was to run until my husband arrived home from work, go for a short visit to his parents for his moms birthday, and then come back home for another run together. So off I go for run #1. The weather was perfect. I decided not to plan my route and just take turns at random. This was great and my feet just lead the way. For the most part my breathing was calm and the route was fairly flat with about 4 decent hills to get the heart rate pumping. As I ran past one house the cutest little boy yelled “look mommy it’s a runner” and I laughed realizing he was talking about me. Too cute!! I have a fan!! Never became to labored so I knew that for the most part I had made this a pretty easy run. Finished 5.14 miles / 9:14 pace, quick stretch, and then off we went to my in-laws. After arriving back home my husband and I headed out for another short run. Real easy, enjoyable time together.

Today I will head to the Y for a few miles on the dreaded Treadmill. I like to run one mile at a quick pace then follow it with a round of resistance training, jump back on the Treadmill and continue this cycle until I have 4 miles in. I guess the correct term would be Circuit Training. I have continued to keep my lower body training with little to no weights and so far I have not been feeling the heavy fatigue that I had while running.

Happy day to everyone. Run fast out there!!



David said...

Okay, I have a confession:
If I lose my mind and actually feel like running, I much prefer the random run, where you just run where you feel like, and for roughly as long as you want. Doesn't sound like me much, huh?

I think I'm in the same boat as you for the resistance training: any weight work done is high rep and low weight, just to tone and tighten. I try to do 12-20 reps of any exercise, at about 60% of my max or less.

Overpronator said...

Thanks for the consistently upbeat postings. You have been officially linked.

Mendy said...

I, too, Love your upbeat attitude. Between your positive energy, David's strive to always be improve everytime he hits the pavement, and Scott's strange wit - I have no reason to slack - Just "keep on keeping on"....

David and I need to do short runs like that together - just to enjoy each other's company doing something we enjoy (well, don't know if he actually likes running yet - but we'll get him there, right?).

Jason The Running Man said...


Don't get me wrong I love to run..just had a few bad runs. On my brick training its not about distance but about the transition. Just wanted to at least get a mile in after that bike. My goal for May is to continue to be consistent with the mileage but I also need saddle time. Just want to get through this duathlon on June 2nd so I can then concentrate on running and strength primarily. Weight loss is also a goal. I need to be down another 30 pounds before my marathon in Nov.

Addy said...

Awesome job with the double runs in the day. I've only done that once so far, but it seems like a great way to get some extra mileage in without having to give up a huge chunk of continuous time.

I'm really bad about doing lower body resistence training (in that, besides running hills, I don't ;) ).

So sweet that you have a 'fan'!

Marcy said...

That sounds like a sweet idea, I should do that. Just run at random taking turns where ever (I'll probably "accidentally" end up in the red light district JK! ) GREAT JOB!!!

Randy said...

On Friday mornings I am usually by myself running, before daylight, and I often will run in a general area of town that my running partners and I run on Mon/Wed mornings, but I let my feet/legs take me in directions they decide and it is cool to get lost in the run that way.
Marcy - I'll take that run with you!

mtnrunR said...

sweeet, a nice long run on the weekend and now doubles... you are ment for ultras

mtnrunR said...

question about doing a 50 miler.

oh, you opened up a big can of worms there... there are so many ways to train. some do high milage, others low. most do speed work. there are many experts on this and i am not really one of them. but really my guess is continue to build a little. continue on your excellent training what works for you. also, what will help is running with friends that have done ultas. pick their brains and do what works for you.

that is good that you are in a sence building by doing the 50k. but some don't even do that, some jump right into a 50 miler. wow, is what i have to say to that.

building, is a lot like building for a marathon, just maybe longer runs every so often. and maybe a touch more miles per week. but some complete 50's,100's on much lower mileage. they are probably not the elite and my guess it would take much longer to recover if running on lower milage.

i think doing the long runs are most important to build confidence in completing the distance. and that really helps having confidence.

speed work is important if you want to run fast. afterall, you have to train fast if you want to run fast.

cross training is great. just one way to help be stronger and help being injury free.

oh, this is complicated.

but have fun. you have to like what you are doing. heck, i even carry my camera in 80-90% of my races. yes, i am competative. but within myself. i will never rise to the top in any race but that doesn't mean i'm not competative.

check out the web sites for tons of info!!!



and ask others, friends, etc, etc. some great knowledge out there.

in nut shell i would keep building. but it is important to recover when in the building process. some take a day off a week. or substitue cross training. some build for three weeks with high mileage then back off for a week. there are so many ways to go about it. that is great though, there is no set way to get ready. same basic premisis but you can mold the training program that best suits YOU. and you will have a great outcome.

good luck,

email if needed,

i don't know the 50's in your neck of the woods but which one are you doing???

mtnrunR said...

Oh man, you picked one of the best 50's out there from what I hear. There is a reason why it fills fast.

I will throw in one tid bit of advise. Nothing can substitue for long training runs. No they don't have to be 50 miles (and probably shouldn't). Just to run long and on your feet for a long time. Don't ever worry about speed here. That's not the point of long runs. They will be your biggest confidence booster in finishing a great 50.