Friday, June 8, 2007

New Toy

With the ability of holding 240 songs, weight of only 1 ounce, and 12 hours of battery life I am exciting about this new toy. Sure would have loved to have had it during some parts of the Ultra race last week!! I am even considering some audio books as well.

So when my husband arrives home yesterday he has in hand a gift for me. Let me say that everything I planned as a special treat for him this past week has fizzled and failed and now he goes and does something so sweet for me... again. Can you hear how bad I feel?

Recovery week has gone well for me. Ran a few miles throughout the week with LOTS of stretching along with some upper body strength training and core. Today I will swim at the Y with my husband and then join a friend in the morning for a run before my 90 minute massage. I have been looking forward to this massage all week.

Happy running!



StumbleGuy said...

That was great of him. I just (last night!) bought a pair of these off Apple, both with "Happy Anniversary!" on them. Me and my wife will be exchanging shuffles in a couple of weeks!

I can't wait as I put my last one through the wash whilst switched on and it didn't survive :(.


Wes said...

Oooh. I {heart} technological wonders! Ask hubby if he loves me too ;-)

scott keeps running said...

i've just upgraded to wearing a watch - so it might be awhile before i do the music thing. but i can definitely see how it can be useful on ultras.

a massage does sound very nice. enjoy it for all of us!

teacherwoman said...

That's a fun little gift! Way to go hubby! Perfect for running/biking!

David said...

I have the old school Shuffle, and I love it. I don't need thousands of songs with multiple play lists. I'm running, for pete's sake! I like that it's light, small, simple, and seems to be a bit more resiliant to abuse. I would like a Nano also, but only if I get if for free. :-p

Marcy said...

Audio books while running? Whooaaaaaa that's a trip! LOL What a nice little gift ;D ;D

Phil said...

Great new toy! Happy to read that your recovery is coming along so very well.

Nikki said...

OHhhhh presents and massage! My kind of day!!!

I'm glad your havig a great recovery week!

books on running for dummies ;) J/K!!

Scott said...

I feel bad....I am your husband and I am the 9th person to comment on your blog....ARGH ! ! ! Well, in my defense, I didn't check your blog until I got into work this morning (Monday). Glad you love the iPod...Makes me happy knowing you are happy.

stephruns said...

i have the same toy!!! since i have it i listen to music while i run!!!!!!! enjoy!!!!

what do you put on it?