Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ride or Run or BOTH??

The concert never happened last night. Southern Summer Storms to thank for that. We moved the picnic to the house instead and enjoyed a few frosty ones. For some reason my love of beer has grown into a huge love over these past few weeks and I will have to change that… very soon!! Following vacation … maybe the 8th of July… yes that will work. Seriously I know that I can not continue to eat wings, pizza, and 22 oz tall ones and hope to have stellar runs in 100 degree weather. Even writing this makes me realize that the time has come and now I must refocus for the goals I have set.

With all of this cycling talk from Zanne and Jmom I have gotten the bug to get out on the roads and hammer some hills. Why not?? I still have a few days before our official training cycle begins so why not go out and crush those legs…right?!!!

Happy Running!


David said...

Do both, unless you're too scared... ;-) There is a group ride from Carolina Tri this evening at 6:00 that Scott should have recieved an email about. If not, I'll forward it on. It won't be too fast, and I'll bet it will break up into two groups if needed. Group rides are great motivators to put out, too.

stephruns said...

keeping up a good nutrition intake is hard, especially when it' nice out. I have been drinking, too and too much > frozen magaritas or just some cool white white. i know that there's a difference in my performance if I stay disciplined.

good luck;-)

Marcy said...

Uh Ohhh, don't tell me you're going to go the tri route soon LOL Have you ever done one? (just out of curiosity ;-) )

Yummmmmm, pizza and wings (I'll skip the brewskis in favor of a girly drink LOL)

Wes said...

Oh yea! Cycling is cool, and I have NO DOUBT you would be good at it :-) We are all such bad influences on each other! Ain't that cool?

Overpronator said...
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Overpronator said...

I highly recommend the Left Hand Milk Stout and Young's Double Chocolate Stout.

The Milk Stout tastes like creamy coffee, and the Double Chocolate Stout tastes like dark chocolate espresso.

Yes, they are in fact just THAT good.

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!!!!! Nothing like getting out to crush the legs!! You go girl!

runliarun said...

Wings and pizza don't go too well with 110 degrees anyhow. I know, I know, I should mind my smoking :).