Thursday, July 19, 2007

Sore Muscles

Wow... It seems like a week since I have posted. In truth I have been major busy and must admit very sore.

The new gym membership is working out very well. I love all of the options that it offers and have already jumped in some group classes. On Monday I took a class called Body Pump. This is a 60 minute all over weight training resistance class. The instructor asked me while setting up how often I do weights and I answered twice a week. Well let me tell you we tapped into muscles that I would bet I have never used. I was so fatigued following the class that I even questioned if I could drive home. This is exactly what I have been looking for.

Tuesday I arrived early enough to get my run in before taking a spin class. Minutes into spin I realized that I was so sore that I could hardly use my upper body to support me on the bike. Unreal!!! This only proves that you must change up your routine every few weeks to keep the body guessing. Without a question I will be taking this Body Pump class 2 to 3 times a week for the resistance training that I need.

Yesterday I completed my run and then did my own resistance training and ab work. Not able to make the class time. I will plan ahead for next week and join the class. If I am with a group I am less likely to wimp out and stop short of my routine. Still sore but bearable.

Today I will join my husband and a friend downtown for a 5 mile run then supper somewhere on Main Street. Really love the summertime weather and option of eating outdoors. Trail run on Friday (12 miles). YES!! Saturday will be 8 miles. Training is going great so far.

Still no knee pain. I am a happy girl about that! I am continuing to stretch and do the Yoga Mini Workouts at home. I have searched all DVD’s by Rodney Yee and have not seen the one I purchased. Did I get the one and only copy?? Weird!! I would say that any of his DVD’s would likely be great. If I find the exact DVD I will post the link. Still, I would highly recommend adding this to your weekly routine. I like the mini workouts that last 10 to 15 minutes. Easier to fit in between things.

Thank you all for your comments. This Blog World is awesome.

Happy running,


David said...

Sounds like a great workout if it had effects like that. Scott should probably treat you to a spa day for all your hard work. ;-) The run and dinner plans sound great. If' you've never eaten at Saffron's, under Mellow Mushroom, it's a great little cafe/sandwich place with a strong hippy vibe, outdoor seating (great for stinky clothes), and great food.

I think I'm going to do a couple of hard core weight sessions this week before I start ramping up for the G'ville Sprint Tri, and continue training for the HIM. This may be my last chance to get some hard weight training in, since I have to keep my slot twich fibers tuned up as much as possible.

scott keeps running said...

Glad your new gym is working out. And glad there is no knee pain!! Have fun on the trails tomorrow. If you mention the yoga workout one more time then you may get me to try it...I'm almost there. But maybe not. :)

Mom tried decaf once said...

That class sounds perfect!! I love that feeling of knowing you had a great workout! Nice job!

Enjoy the run and dinner tonight!

Wes said...

Ahhhh. Strength training sounds fantastic. I can't wait to get started on mine in the off season :-) Something new to learn! Thanks for leading. New gym sounds wundbar!! You are an exercising machine! What a great example!!!

Mom tried decaf once said...

Sorry about the site's a long story...probably I can chalk it up to pms at this point. ;>) At first I locked the old one and tried to invite everyone to read it (thus the email) and then I ditched it all together and started the new one. Ahh..hormones in the mid 30s. Good stuff I tell ya.

Mendy said...

Robin, That's great about the workouts and the new gym membership. I'd sure like to get into some class sessions. I know what you mean about being accountable in them, and I always seem to come out of them feeling like I really worked my body hard, versus the "on your own" approach.

Sounds like running is going well too! That's fantastic!

Marcy said...

"I was so fatigued following the class that I even questioned if I could drive home. This is exactly what I have been looking for." - Holy Moses girl you're on crack! LOL Next thing you know Bob will have you pulling tires :P (if you don't already LOL)

I'm glad you like the new gym ;D ;D

Bob Gentile said...

Bring on the SOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEness, well not too much but it is good to feel a little :-)

Enjoy ur runs over the next few days, run out most of that soreness stuff!!!

Overpronator said...

The trainers at my gym use to endorse Body Pump, but now they do Power ... very similar set up.

I LOVE the clean and press grouping of exercises, and the squats and lunges as well.

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

My gym has BodyPump and I have been wondering how it was for a while. I think I am going to have to bite the bullet and just try it after that kind of endorsement! I'll just drag my cubemate with me ;) Gyms are AWESOME!