Friday, August 3, 2007


At 8am this morning I headed with a girlfriend to tackle our 16 miles trail run. My mind was ready and I had good thoughts about this run. We decided to run the same college campus as last week. I love the change of scenery and the fact that these trails are 100% runnable with only a few moderate climbs makes it pretty easy. At about the same distance as last week I could not ignore the pain in my knee any longer. Running flats and up hills were not to bad but the down hills just about killed me. So at somewhere between mile 11 or 12 I had to give in and stop. I am so frustrated to say the least. Everything in me wants to continue. Even now I am contemplating finishing my mileage later today. Dumb but the truth.

I have another 10 mile run in the morning. At this point I just don't know what to do. Do I stop and rest? Do I just continue the rounds of stretching? Do I continue to do hot/cold treatments? It cost so much to go back and forth to the massage therapist. Goodness .... what does a girl do??


Wes said...

Well, that's really crappy. Sorry to hear it!!! Conventional Wisdom says don't make it worse by trying to run through it. Robin may have some other thoughts on matter!

Marcy said...

That stinks :-( I don't know what to tell ya chica. There are more experienced people than me LOL Since I'm a wimp I probably would rest hehe

Mendy said...

You are such a smart runner and know what you should do. Continuing on especially in the mileage you are in could make it worse- and I know you don't want that.

Do what's best for you, Robin. You'll make the right decision. I'll be thinking of you hoping that knee pain goes away.

Mendy said...

BTW, are you running at FU?

David said...

Look at the potty mouth on my wife! ^ (FU)

Anyway, as others stated and you already know, you aren't helping it heal by pushing on. Instead of a massage therapist, I wonder if you shouldn't break down and go to a physical therapist/sports medicine pro. It seems to me that there may be something else happening that's exciting this injury, like perhaps a weakness in another area causing compensation.

I think that's also what is causing Mendy's issues, and I know that my back allignment gives me some leg pain and compensation injury sometimes. It really sucks when it impedes training, though. Especially when you are mentally in the zone.

stephruns said...

I always say if pain comes it's a sign to stop. i'm not sure what your source for the pain is, but in the long run you will be better off investing in acouple of days of no running instead of making it worst and having to pause for a longer time. and for me it's also of matter if I have a race coming up, or if I can risk going further; tempering with the injury.

hang tight -

J~mom said...

I hope it feels better soon! I don't really have advice but David's advice sounds pretty good.

scott keeps running said...


i tend to try to run through things (mind over matter, right?), but i'm also a knucklehead so it doesn't always work the way i planned. it's interesting that it happened around the same mileage. i think the good thing is that it's not hurting you for the first ten miles - so maybe it's just fatigue related. beer helps.

here's to you getting better fast.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

The diehard runners will hate me but I had so many knee problems when I was only running (see my posts from late last year). When I went back to training for triathlons, along with some strength training, the knee pain went away and my running got faster/better even though I am only running three day/week now. Just something to consider. I only mention it because it worked out so well for me.

Bob Gentile said...

DID YOU ANSWER ME YET ON Working your QUADS ie Trigger points???? and did you get that TIGER TAIL Roller Yet???? to roll ur legs a few times a day!!

HUh????? I had a knee issue 6 months ago for about a month UNTIL I found & worked the TP & Rolled the legs and NO MORE problems since, ZIPPO NONE NADDA

Lisa Bliss the Badwater winner turned me on to that TIGER TAIL roller

Email me ur answer please :-)

Phil said...

Continue with the ice; take a few days off and use an eliptical machine instead. It will keep your cardio-vascular system in shape and not hurt your knees. Start ramping back up slowly (your getting all the way out to 10 miles before you have problem ... a lot of folks would consider that a long run). You'll get there. Your body is just yelling at you to take it a little easier.