Thursday, August 16, 2007

Pain Free Runs

I am one happy girl!!
Monday - 5 miles pain free
Wednesday - 6 miles pain free
Thursday - 8 miles PAIN FREE
All but 4 miles of these runs were on the treadmill this week. Yesterday I ran 4 miles to the gym to then jumped on the treadmill and finish the last 2 miles. HOT is all I can say about the 4 miles outside. Today I somewhat dreaded the 8 miles on the treadmill for fear of complete boredom. Once I started I decided that mind games would pass the time so I began with simple games. First I watched this couple walk around with a clip board from one machine to another. Very little exercises happening and way to much talking for me. Come on guys get working! Then my mind drifted to the solo woman playing racquetball. She looked so lonely like she had no friends at all. Then came the pretty boy. This is a guy who spent more time checking himself out in the mirror than he needed to. Now that was pretty funny and sad all at the same time.
I am sweaty and stinky right now but thrilled to post this great feeling. Bob... I am a believer!!

Only 20 on Saturday and 10 on Sunday to go for this week. Will avoid hills and focus on the miles for just a bit longer until I know I am good to go.


stephruns said...

You look so happy - woohoo!

Marcy said...

Could you be any cuter? GAwwwddd I hate you LOL KIDDING!! You look happy (and pain free!) and that's wonderful ;D ;D I love checkin out people around me, it's like free reality tv.

Bob Gentile said...

free reality tv.
LOLOL ahhh Marcy

Good job Robin on ur miles ,,,great pic & so glad ur feeling better.

I told Marcy about the BUFFS and it seems like you like bandanas & wear them well, you will love these and won't go back to bandanas ever again..these are amazing and so easy to maintain the fabric is amazing ... CHECK OUT Site and please watch the demo video clips...i just bought 5 of them a few weeks ago-lol

So a healthy knee, some stylin' buffs and a long & healthy ultra career--ahhhh how sweeeeeeeeeeet is that :-)

Have a great weekend


Wes said...

I luv it that you think sweaty and stanky is the way to be! and I'm SOOOOO happy that you are running pain free. Ya know, Dee Dee's knee bothers her too. I'm sending her to Doctor Bob!

Great pic!

See Zanne Run said...

great picture! look at that happy, smiley runner girl! yay!

scott keeps running said...

lookin' great, and happy!

ONLY 20 and 10 this weekend, huh? so good your knee is back to work. mine is taking a vacation right now...

runliarun said...

So good for you.

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Great to hear that your doing so well again! I hope your weekend runs went just as well.

Just be are giving Bob a big head right now.