Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Energy On The Run

Shout Out ToMy Girls!!! You ROCK!!

First a correction must be made. I had posted earlier that my finish time was 4:35:13 for the marathon this past weekend. In my joy this was incorrect and is actually was 4:25:34!!! My husband pointed this out to me and the updated has now been made.

Now I must move forward and start preparing my mind for this weeks runs. I should be thrilled that it is only 48 miles but I am finding it harder with the darkness setting in so much earlier. The temps are at least coming down and most of our days are in the middle to high 70’s. I’ll take that!!

So this week I also must focus and start putting a plan together for these darn drop bags for the MMTR race. One thing I continue to struggle with during each event is being able to take in enough food for energy. Gels are out of the question so my main calories will have to come from food or my sports drink. Pepto pills taken along the course has kept me from throwing up but still I have a problem with the texture of the food and getting it down. What to do?

Any known tricks out there?



See Zanne Run said...

why are gels out of the question & what are pepto pills? am thinking you know things i don't know and i need to know what you know. basically, i can't help you out on your fueling question, but am hoping you can help me.

hey - i can help you a bit ... i use HEED from Hammer Nutrition on my bike rides as well as on my interval days. it's a powder, you mix with water. i really like hammer stuff - its clean (no dairy in any way shape or form), i never have any GI issues with it -

David said...

The Slipstream cycling team actually gives riders small boiled potatoes on long rides for lots of carbs, easy digestion, and it supposedly calms the stomach if there's athletic "turbulence" happening. You would probably have to figure out a way to store and carry them, though.

Mendy said...

Great picture of you and the girls!! I know you all share a special bond!

Wes said...

So, were the Crocs intentional? A reward for fighting the good fight? LOL. Love it! Congrats on the 10 minute improvement too :-)

I personally think the High Energy Snack Mix from the Foodnetwork rocks on a run. It's easy to chew, gentle on the stomach. With that said, take my advice with a grain of salt. My days as a near alcoholic means I can digest garbage without so much as a tummy roll :-)

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

OMGosh Robin! You rocked that marathon!!!! I love all the pictures and just can't wait to hear all about the big one! It is so close now and you are going to kill it!

Marcy said...

OMG you guys are so cute! Did you all get the same color Crocs on purpose?

And thank you Zanne for asking the question I've been wondering too. Are you talking Pepto Bismal pills?!?

Non-Runner Nancy said...

If you can pop Peptobismal pills and not ralph, I bet you could do Sports Beans.... They are like jelly beans. I really like them.

Great time, Girlie!! Love the crocs. You should send the croc people that pick. You could probably be in their commercial and get a whole new market for them, marathoners!! I planned on having my crocs available after my HM.

J~mom said...

Have you tried all of the shake drinks? Maybe one of those could help. I remember in Dean's book he drank ensure(?). I hope you find something that works.

I love the pic of you guys in your crocs!!

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

First, awesome job on the marathon PR! It's amazing how we can have our best performances when we are relaxed and not pressuring ourselves.

As for the nutrition, I don't know what I can add. I use gels and sports drinks for the most part. Solid foods never seem very appetizing to me during runs. Have you tried those Cliff Blocks? They have the same content as a gel, but you have to chew them. Maybe that would be easier for you to stomach.

Randy said...

Robin!!!! Just read about your marathon...that is sooo awesome...great PR...!!!!

Wish I could offer up a suggestion on the energy food during the race...I initially tried GU packets and just about threw up or gagged on them every time I would take one...any flavor it didn't matter...then I realized it was the container I was struggling with...I bought a GU bottle that attaches to my holds like 5 or 6 GU packets that I dump in the night before and I just squeeze some into my mouth as I's alot like drinking from a sports bottle, and I've been able to handle the GU much better this way.

Way to go rock!!!!!