Saturday, November 17, 2007

New Runner in the Family

I am very excited to report that we have a new runner in the family and she LOVES the trails as much as me!!!!

This morning my husband and I headed out to Paris Mountain for a early morning trail run. After a little bit of work it took Layla no time and she was off and running. It was so wonderful having her out running and doing what I love most. Scott and I just could not believe how well she did. She was so quick and precise on her feet. She knew right where to run and never was more than 10 steps in front of us. She loved it and I just did not want to stop. The leaves where beautiful and it was such a perfect morning. We will be doing this again!!!! Now she is passed out on the couch but she more than earned it.

Day one - having cut all sugar out is turning out to be just as tuff as I knew it would be. It is seriously all I have thought about today! Slight headache and would love to slam say.... hmmmmm....chocolate covered cherries like nobodies momma right now. This monster has a hold on me but I must stay focus. It is only two weeks right?!?!!!!



See Zanne Run said...

you can do this. its amazing how much you think about it when you swear, you never thought about it this much before. we never though about it - cause we'd just eat the sugar if we wanted. i promise, it will be okay. 9 days into my sugar purge & i just had one of the best long runs i have had in a crazy long time. there is a silver lining! and it is fast!

David said...

I wonder if a bit of honey (not bit-o-honey) would help to take the edge off the craving and still help you meet the goal. Or, if that's too similar, some fruits with good fructose levels. May be worth investigating with nutritionist or something.

Phil said...

There is nothing like running with a good dog ... one word of caution however; a runninbg dog like nothing better than to run. They were made to run (sort of like humans) and once the dog expects that he / she will come along on your runs, you will be unable to get out of the house in your running gear without the dog.

Mendy said...

What a sweet picture of Layla! She's so adorable. So happy for you that you and Scott (and Layla) got to run together. I'd enjoy more runs with my husband, if he could slow down for me and take a "jog" for him. LOL.

Anyhoo... I don't see how you do it, Robin. Laying off the sugar! Wow. That's great, and shows your strength.

Jan 13th RnR Phoenix. (hint, hint)

Wes said...

would love to slam say.... hmmmmm....chocolate covered cherries like nobodies momma right now.

ROFL! Too funny! Very cool you have a new running partner! I would take my pack of hounds out for a run, but they would go two hundred yards and collapse :-)

Marcy said...

You CAN do it Robin!! If anyone can ditch the sugar habit it would be you ;-) David's suggestion sounds like a good one also.

Non-Runner Nancy said...


jen said...

Aww! Sounds like a great run. Keep up the good work on the sugar-free front!

Overpronator said...

My sweet tooth, er ... teeth ... feels your pain. My nutrionist had me off sugar for ten weeks.

The good parts are:

1. I now have an intense love affair with dark chocolate.

2. I know if I had to, I can give it up again ... it's just that it isn't fun having to do so.

3. Increased sensitivity to sugar ... a little bit now goes a LONG LONG way.

J~mom said...

You can do it!!! David had a great suggestion!

I really need to run with my dog more..she makes me batty but I know if I took her out more often I wouldn't have so much trouble!

scott keeps running said...

looks like a great running partner. i like dogs. :)