Friday, November 16, 2007

Coming Clean

First off my week one of maintenance training has gone great.

Cycle: 1 hr 15 minutes
Strength Training: One full body and one lower body (will get one upper body in this weekend)
Yoga: This is what I looked most forward to but just did not happen. Long story but will absolutely take place next week.
Running: Will finish with 20 for the week. Trail running with hubby tomorrow. SO excited!
Abs: Managed to add this twice this week. Really need to do these daily. It is a sad area for me.
So now it is time to COME CLEAN about something… I LOVE sugar…sweets…anything covered in chocolate. It was not until I made contact with Jennifer that Suzanne turned me onto that I realized I needed help. Sure I eat healthy food and drink plenty of water. Anyone that is around me often enough would say that I do pretty good. So I am outing myself and coming out of the closet. I have days where I eat candy bars between work and home only to walk in the house and pour Hershey’s syrup directly in my mouth. This bad behavior has only help escalate my GI issues of the past year. It is a piece of the puzzle and one that will be the hardest for me to address. Starting Saturday morning I will begin a 14 days NO SUGAR diet. I will have to monitor all foods and really be aware of the hidden refined sugars that hide quietly in our foods just waiting to be eaten. No alcohol at all (not a problem) and no candy of any kind (big problem). I took pages of notes while I spoke with Jennifer and was just amazed at the amounts of information that she shared with me. I will be adding more healthy fats back into diet and adding lots more fresh veggies and fruits. Things we all know to do but tend to put off. My weight is good just have to get my body back in balance. Something has to be better than what I have been doing. This girl does not want her race to end due to GI issues again and I am ready to do something about it.

Wish me luck… my body is already on high alert status!!!!



Scott said...

Well, that was about as "classic" of a post as I have ever seen.

I think I always knew you were "sneaking snacks" at times. Peppermint Patties anyone?

Sure makes me feel less guilty about the Butterfinger I had the other day.... :)

Love you,

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

Ugh. Cold turkey on the sugar, huh? That is going to be a cranky two weeks. Good for you. You know "the first step..." and all ;)

See Zanne Run said...

woo hoo! let the sugar purge begin! the picture of the junior mints cracked me up. you can do this, girl. you are as determined as i am on this running thing - i, like you - cannot wait to run a long distance without having to worry about pooping! i promise - you'll feel so much better ... all around. i'm so excited for you!

Non-Runner Nancy said...

You put the syrup directly in your mouth? Now that is a confession. (said with a cadbury egg still on my breath.)

Good luck with this!!!

Marcy said...

OMG you're so brave!! I'm the SAME way! I love, love, love me some candy. Sugar is soooo nice LOL YOu can do it Robin!!!

Journey to a Centum said...

Bwoop Bwoop ALERT! ALERT!
I'm very interested to see how your change in diet works for you. I run with Doctors who have GI problems on the long distances. I'll be watching your blog for progress.

BTW- you must be an obsessed crazy runner because I don't know many woman who would give up the chocolate and candy just so they can run 50 miles. Just the opposite, I know a bunch of women who run 50 miles so they can eat the goodies they want.

A balanced diet is critically important to ultra running. Especially if you want to participate in a lot of them over the year. I've had the opportunity to do 4-marathons, 8-50K's, 2-50 milers, 1-100K, and 1-100 miler this year. With two more marathons and one more 50K still on the docket I have really paid attention to fueling. I'm not saying I don't indulge in a beer or candy every now and then but it's the exception not the rule.



Wes said...

I think you and Scott should go on a long trail run and test your theory. Instead of gels and bars, use candy for nutrtition and see how it goes :-) If you are not a pooping machine by the end, I say eh!?!?!


Amanda said...

wow, that sounded like it was coming directly from me...I have the same hidden sugar addiction. Sure folks see me eat cookies, but they see the healthy food and think I must only eat healthy...and generally...minus all the sugar I do.

Ok between you and Zanne I can see that I'm about to start this journey too.

jen said...

Good luck Robin! You can do it. You are smart to realize your "problem" and I know you will feel much better on a lower-candy diet. :)

My problem is definitely salty/greasy snacks, which I'm trying to cut back on now. We can do this!! :)

RunBubbaRun said...

Days without sugar, that is some tough love there.

I'm sure it will good for the long run, good luck with that..

But I'm like you, I have a big sweet tooth, but might have to cut it down for the sake of the trails.

Anonymous said...

this is great robin. i'm very similar - a very sweet tooth. it's my second week with a minimum - it's hard, but it will get easier after a while. can't wait to read about the point when you tell us you don't like it anymore!!!!!

J~mom said...

You can do it!!! Ahhh...I totally need to do something like this!