Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Maintenance Mode Training

I am already on my way with a new focus of Maintenance Mode Training. On Monday I met with Justin at the Sports Club to have my Program Assessment. We discussed what areas I would need to focus on based on my 2008 goals. He seemed amazed of all I accomplished in 2007 so when we started the weights I felt… wimpy …. lazy… pathetic to tell him that I needed to lower my weight since it was already rather low to begin with. Even worse when I could not get through a complete set of reps. To really top it off when we started some ab work I flat out could not even do one of the exercises. He suggested some modifications and still… nope … nothing. He was kind but I felt just plan humbled. This workout was crushing me!! One hour of this and I crawled to a spin class to work the fatigue out of my legs.

Weeks ago when I had problems with the knot in my back that resulted in a pinched nerve affecting my right arm I had to stop all weight training and ab work for more than 6 weeks. It just hurt too badly. Several massage treatments later and lots of ibuprofen it is on the road to recovery. I truly was lucky to push through the pain on our last training runs. Now I hate making excuses and will not so I will just move forward and focus on some much needed training areas.

Today will begin my Maintenance Mode Training and will include the following weekly:

Run 25 to 30 miles weekly
Yoga 1 to 2 times weekly
Full Body Strength Training 2 to 3 times weekly to include ab work
Spin indoor 60 to 90 minutes weekly

In another area of focus I am in contact with a food coach and will try and get to the bottom of my GI issues. While I have perfected going potty in the woods fast I would love to change this and actually make it through a long run or race without this issue. Sugar is likely an evil player in these problems and one I will struggle with letting go. Should have more info within a few days.

Lastly, I am excited to say that the girls and I are already tossing around lots of race plans for 2008. We hope to meet very soon so that we can get true planning underway. I am SO excited to see what 2008 holds for us. Miles of trails ahead of us with plenty of laughs and wonderful times to follow. These girls are truly the BEST around!!



Non-Runner Nancy said...

Sounds like you've got some great plans in place. And great friends!! So blessed.

David said...

I felt the same way when I went back to the weights recently. Helps us realize how much we need to build that foundation in the off season so we can maintain the strenght while developing the endurance during the race season.

Don't rush your off-season, though! Gotta enjoy it...with plenty of delicious beer. ;-)

Marcy said...

Don't feel bad chica! Just think how I'd do with some weights :-X :-X :-X

See Zanne Run said...

i think i need to step up the upper body training too ... i RARELY do anything in that area. and just today i went crawling in for a massage - my back & ass were killing me! i've been shamefully neglecting my core work. time for me to get back on that bandwagon too. girl - looks like we are in the same place - on all fronts!

Phil said...

I should have know that only you would actually come up with a real plan to resolve your issues. Most of just sit back and complain. Good luck with the food coach.

Wes said...

One hour of this and I crawled to a spin class to work the fatigue out of my legs

Ummmm. Yea... Spinning makes your legs "less" fatigues? LOL!?!?

All of my GI issues on the run stem from BEER! LOL. Thusly, no beer until after the marathon. I am not a bear. I do not like to crap in the woods :-)

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

I'm with Wes! I loved how you did a spin class afterwards even though you just got your backside handed to you! You are truly crazy :)

I started back with yoga last night and am so glad that I did. I just love it and know that it is now a regular part of my routine again. Now to get back to weights :P