Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Great Email Received

Five days of no running is making me crazy. The flu has hit our house and zapped all of the energy out of us. Scott and I even did rock, paper, scissors to figure out who was going to do school pickup… I lost.

Last night I did manage to do a 30 minute Yoga session at home. I was so sick of lying around and actually felt pretty good once I completed it. Today I woke up and am convincing my body that I am feeling better. Just say it over and over and it just might work. With this weekends 22 miler approaching I really need to get my feet moving. Really overall I don’t feel near as rotten as I did. Scott on the other hand has been in bed for 5 days. Poor guy.

I checked my emails this morning to find a new Ultra series introduced in South Carolina. If this hits your race target area it is more than worth checking out. All trails and very low entry fees apply. Terry Hayes really knows how to put these events on!! Aid stations are well stocked and there are no time limits.



Wes said...

Awww man! Having a house full of sicky people is ... yucky :-) Hope everybody gets to feeling better soon!

J~mom said...

Oh no!! Five days is just awful! Hang in there!

scott keeps running said...

love the new photo at the top.

hope you feel better. five days away from running is torture. the sc trail running series...hmmm, my sisters may drag me over there. :)

See Zanne Run said...

oh! i had no idea you were so sick! -of course, how could i know? i am the worst sponsor ever. ugh - 5 days no running? you poor thing ... you know i feel for you. hope you feel up to speed soon!

in my seraching for trail races a few months ago - i found one here ... think it was called "sugar & spice ultra" - a women-only 50k ... i keep looking to try & see when the 2008 date is, but i can't find it ... remember it looked like fun. really small - like 30 women or something ... will keep looking - maybe you'll have to make a trip to kentucky to run it with me!

Marcy said...

Bummer on the house of sickness :-(

Ok so I clicked the link and the picture they have is beautiful. Gosh it almost makes me want to head into the woods :-X LOL

Mendy said...

Awwww....Robin. Do you guys need anything? If you do, please call us. We would love to help ya'll out any way we can. Get better soon!

David said...

I know something you don't know...yet. :-)

We've been a bit under the weather this week, but it sounds like you guys got hit head-on with some yucky funk. Hope everyone is cleared up soon, and don't push it too hard this weekend if you aren't back up to good health. I would hate to see you in bed for 2 weeks.

RunBubbaRun said...

Cool photo on top of the blog..

Hopefully the family gets better soon. It sucks being sick..

Nice race series out there, no cut-off times.. That's nice..