Thursday, March 6, 2008

Hot Yoga

One week off of running has been a bit better than I first anticipated. Don’t get me wrong, my body and mind is so excited about the thoughts of my first 3 mile run tonight. I can hardly wait!! So to keep busy this past week I rode Big Red (bike trainer) like crazy. Great workout!! Throw in some weight workouts and several yoga classes and another week has came and gone.

Hot Yoga (Vinyasa Yoga) Update:

Websites Description of class - Sequence of postures in a heated room. Designed to warm and stretch muscles, ligaments and tendons in a natural and healthy progressive order. The elevated room temperature promotes detoxification, increases weight loss, relieves tension, boosts immune system and helps prevent injury. The heat makes you stronger, healthier and more flexible.

My Description of class – Hot but not overheated (90 degrees). Loved the concept but not the teacher so much. Music was way too loud which caused her to yell for the entire hour. Being covered in sweat made holding some of the poses a bit more challenging but not impossible.

All in all I am glad that I tried it. I do realize that I have become partial to my normal instructor which makes taking from anyone else very difficult. I have emailed her this morning in hopes that maybe she will add this class as an option at the Sports Club in the near future.

Tomorrow we are headed to the Mountains for the weekend. The house we are staying in is surrounded by the woods. Very quiet and very peaceful. Our youngest is joining us with a few of his friends. Will be so much fun. Saturday morning my husband and I are running in a 12k Trail Event. This will be a 100% “fun run” and I plan on staying with my husband for the entire race. The forecast is calling for some possible snow. How great would that be!!!

Today will also mark the last day of the Lab Ab Test. Results and report will follow this weekend. I think I will include the before and after pictures as well. I know you are all on the edge of your seats. Hold on… it is coming.

UPDATE on Run: Even after taking a week off with a two hour massage, I still had a whisper below the knee area more in my shin area about 2 miles into my run today. Crazy!! I am not going to over stress about it. What good would that do? I ended my short lived run and completed a full upper and lower weight workout. After getting home and starting some laundry (gotta love multi tasking) I jumped on Big Red and got a solid 30 minutes of spinning in. How I miss my runs.

Saturday’s fun run will be a better day for sure.

Happy Trails,


My Life & Running said...

So no more hot yoga? I love yoga, but that sounds like a nightmare class to me. I hate being hot and slipping about my mat while trying to hold a pose... boo. ;)

Have a fun "race" this weekend! And can't wait for those ab pics - hee hee!

TheRunnerChick said...

Hooray!! for weekend get-aways! Have a relaxing time and enjoy the "zen" trail run! Just have a great time!

If you can take some pictures of the trail run, I'd love to post them on :)

PS: Don't let the forcast bug you out, as you know, they're usually wrong.

jen said...

That class sounds nice- except the extra loud music and yelling! Kinda kills the vibe.

Have fun this weekend!! :)

Marcy said...

I'm glad you made it outta of that baby alive and with your nose still intact :P

You know I'm waiting for this ab report! I bet your before pics look better than any "after" pics I could ever take of myself LOL

RunBubbaRun said...

Have a good fun run with the husband.

Hot yoga and the trainer, now that's some sweat..

Hope the knee gets better as well.

Dana said...

I may look into seeing if their any hot yoga classes in my area. Sounds challenging.

Have fun at the race w/ the hubby. Can't wait for the report.

Sorry about your tweak(going thru the same thing) but you did get out there so that's progress!

*Hanging on the edge of my seat for the lab ab test results.*

Amanda said...

I love hot yoga... have I missed the latest amazing abs update?

J~Mom said...

They don't have hot yoga here that I have heard. Maybe it's just too hot here for hot yoga? Have a great weekend, sounds like lots of fun!!

Mendy said...

Yeah, don't think I'd the the hot yoga. Doing yoga. period. would be enough for me, cause I'm so uncoordinated when it comes to that.