Thursday, March 13, 2008

Moving Forward.....

Random thoughts today:

Did you see where Runners World posted about a woman that ran 216 miles in one week?!!! Amazing!! It appears that this is not unusual for her. Insane but very inspiring!

Javamom would not approve but I have only had two cups of coffee in the past seven days. Now I am not giving up this habit but I have been having a Vanilla Mint Tea with honey and have been amazed at how I am feeling. Calm, even, and relaxed. The coffee jacks me up!

My yoga instructor continues to amaze me with her teachings. She has given me even more tools to help with the hamstring tightness I am having. Correcting my form is making all of the difference. I just love it!!!

How I love Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser but this week she was way out of line. I know emotions run high but being professional is always key. Each and every contestant continues to amaze me with their results.

Four weeks until my next 50k race, April 13th. I have NO intention of not running in this event. I am aware that my mileage is no where near where it should be so you know I am working on an optional plan. Since there are no cutoff times I may just run/walk it if I have to. Not the option I would normally consider ever but in this case I will do what I need to do. This is part of a series and I don’t want DNS or DNF. Just my thoughts for right now.

Training for the week so far:
Monday – 3 mile run / yoga
Tuesday – 2 mile run / full body weights
Wednesday – bike trainer 35 minutes (moderate to hard) / yoga
Thursday – 4 mile run / full body weights (this is the plan this afternoon)

So all in all I feel good this week. Just trying to stay positive (this can be hard at times) and move forward however I can. Where I am at is only temporary!!



Dana said...

216 miles in 1 week?!?! Crazy...

I gave up drinking coffee daily a long time ago. Besides it really didn't help keep me awake or anything. Maybe what I was drinking was too weak. These days I drink vanilla caramel truffle tea from Lipton. Good stuff!

Jillian certainly knows how to dish out that "tough love" but I often wonder if it may be too tough at times?

I may be run/walking my race in a few weeks so I hear ya on doing what you need to do to get thru the event. Keep your head up!

David said...

I didn't watch BL, but I wonder how much is coached by the producers for ratings. More people will return next week to see if she's booted or remains a bitch, or whatever. That's what I hate about those shows: the producers try to inject too much "reality" until it becomes totally unrealistic. And then they are edited for the most sensational copy. Pays the bills, I guess.

I think you have the base that you could crank out a 50k and finish without much drama. PR? Well, maybe not. But certainly finish. Think about how many beginner HM and Marathon plans never get up to full race mileage until race day. Do your best to get the training back up to where it should be, but you are already made of iron.

Sucks to hear about Scott's ankle. I'll give you guys a call later to see how it's going. Looked like it was going to be a great event until that.

jen said...

I know you will finish your 50k race, you have an amazing base and a strong will. :)

That tea sounds delicious, I should try. I don't consume a ton of caffine, but I do have a small cup almost every morning.

I really don't like Jillian on BL. She's mean and annoying! Didn't see this week's episode, that's just my general opinion. :P I love Bob though. Great show.

re: your last post, you may not have a 6 pack but it's a midsection to be damn proud of my dear! :O

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

I actually loved that Jillian went off like that. It shows that the weight loss of these people means more to her than the game. It was also about time that somebody planted Alison on her rear. She's a little too full of herself sometimes and loves to fan the flames a little too much.

Glad to hear that the yoga is helping.

J~Mom said...

Oh no you didn't. LOL j/k Believe it or not I have plans to give up coffee someday. Just not someday soon. :>P

Chris said...

Any headaches from mssing your caffine? I love chamomille tea at night but I can't give up my coffee in the morning. :-)

I'm JUST now catchin' up with blog buddies, This week has been crazy. I'm thinking about taking a yoga class in hopes that it will help in additionla stress relief and getting more intouch with myself and body sensing. We have the AM/PM Yoga on video and I am simply AMAZED at some of the poses that this lady can hold. I can harldy do them , much less HOLD them!

I'm not a loyal B/L watcher but the episodes that I have watched really help to inspire me to conintueon my quest to lose weight and stay healthy. There are simply som eamazing results out of the participants. Some of the trainers can be a bit over the top but sometimes that's what people who have a severe eating /weight problem need to stay the course. I could probably use that wehn I wander on my diet and health plan.

Take Care,

Mendy said...

I saw that part of BL. I liked it in the beginning when it was about a dream to loose weight, and like Chad said, it did show that she cared about them loosing weight.

You're doing great, Robin and although you don't feel trained up enough for the race, thinking of a run/walk strategy is smart thinking. I can tell, that you're definately thinking with your head and not your feet!

scott keeps running said...

you can finish the 50k no problem even on less miles. it just may hurt more on race day... :)