Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Saddle Up

Robin and Scott before our Ride

Why do we tend to stay in our own comfort zones as long as we do?

With the continued prescription from my PT of no running I removed my bike from the trainer and hit the road. First ride went well on Saturday and left me wanting more.

Every Tuesday a large group of cyclist gather at the same location to set out on several levels of pace group rides. I was looking forward to this ride all day until I drove into the parking lot and became extremely nervous and a bit intimidated by all of those around me. What was I thinking just jumping out there with very little road experience?!!

As my friend and I set off I made my adjustments and relaxed rather quickly. Miles of rolling hills, white picket fences, horses, and the most beautiful country areas that I could have hoped for. We finished with 29 miles and an average 14.5 mph pace. This is my longest ride to date. Not sure how to judge the pace since I have never tracked it but I felt very pleased as I stepped off the bike.

Today I am super sore. Really! I had to practically place my underwear on the floor to get them on my legs this morning. Not sure if that is from the kick butt PT workout yesterday morning, the ride last night, or both.

This Sunday I have been invited on a “bakery ride” with plenty of hills for a 35 mile ride. Already nervous that I will hold the group up but I am strongly thinking of going. Why not?! What do I have to lose? All of this riding is helping pass the time of my missed runs. I am holding out for getting the green light for some short runs maybe even this weekend.

Until then…. Saddle up!


Mendy said...

Great pic!

You should be so proud of yourself. That's a great distance and pace for those hills around there.

I'm still highly intimidated about the bakery ride. My friend Shelley has done it and says "it's not that bad", and then J said (at PI) that's "it's not that bad". But, I've also heard that it's straight up. That's awesome ! You're way braver than I am. I'm a wimp when it comes to mountain climbing.

You'll do fine though and I can't wait to hear all about it. If I had a babysitter, I'd think about it... think, that is.

Wes said...

I had to practically place my underwear on the floor to get them on my legs this morning.


TMI!!! TMI!!! ROFL!!!

Yay! No get in the pool! I mean, surely cycling isn't enuff?!? :-)

That IS a nice ride! That's about what I do in my hilly neighborhood, and for long rides, its a good pace.!!! :-)

See Zanne Run said...

love the picture! i remember doing the group rides last summer -i was so intimidated by them ... it was definitely a sink or swim experience. i finally learned to swim, but not before i sank a couple of times! it is nice to finally get back on the bike. you realize that you can do other things besides run - things that get you moving forward through the world with the wind in your face. and if it helps you stay injury free to run, then all the better! i used to resnt my bike because it meant i wasn't running - now i realize its more of a savior that will keep me running! if you guys head here for the mini - you need to bring your bikes now too!

jen said...
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jen said...

Great job Robin!!

I am so proud of you. I have been looking forward to going on a group ride after my next marathon but I'm pretty intimidated too. But you defintely inspire me! :) I think your speed was very good for your first big ride. I can't wait to and join the group now, you got me all excited!! :) Great job out there.

(oops, sorry about the deleted post above!)

Chris said...

I would have to say that you are the picture of positive re-positioning!! You Rock!

Ah, the bakery ride....**sigh** ** nod** I have never ridden it and to be honest am a bit imtimidated as well by all of the local "lore" surrounding it (although I hear the food is awesome at the top). Have fun and knock it out! Report back please and let us "scarie-cats" know the "real deal" around the bakery ride.

Have fun!

Marcy said...

You SOOOOO ROCK!! I probably would've pooped my pants in intimidation LOL.

And how is it that you can look so cute all the time? BAH! I hate you LOL JK! ;-)

RunBubbaRun said...

Great job out there.. Riding does use different muscles you are not used to.. Don't be intimidated out there. Ride and have fun..

It will help your running.. I've done ultra's by just riding alot while injured.

Dana said...

Ok,I giggled a little TOO MUCH at the image of you having to put your undies on the floor to get them on. I've got sore glutes too from my pt. All I have to say our butts better look fantastic after all this soreness from the pt stuff!

But it sound like you had a great ride & I say go for the bakery ride this weekend. I know you'll have a blast.

Non-Runner Nancy said...

Sounds great with the riding you've been doing. Hope you have a great time on the bakery ride, sounds intriguing. Hope the PT is working and helping you heal. Hang in there!

I'm still laughing about the underwear!

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!! Sounds like the riding is going great!

SLB said...

Nice job and a great average pace, riding a mountain bike on th eroads is just plain tough. I have discovered a cycle club near me but they start so late in the day I know I'll never end up going.

Absolutly no suggestions vis a vis the undies, body paint!?! :^)

Anonymous said...

even though you love running so much you can get up and be inspired b other things. that's a fantastic ability.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Good job on the ride!!

I think I need to get my bike out and start riding soon too. :)

TheRunnerChick said...

I really hope you don't mind, but I linked to you and actually quoted you in a post last week,

I wanted to check in with you to make sure you didn't mind. I hope it's cool. I thought about it today because I just bought my first road bike. I'm so excited!! I just need ot go gear shopping before I can head out and really go at it.

So, anyway, hope you don't mind!