Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hammering.... I Think

I have had some strong days and then a day that I was suffering this week. This day was on Tuesday and the group ride was a bit of a challenge for me. I want to get faster, more comfortable drafting all while building a distance base. As hard as I seemed to be hammering on Tuesday it just did not seem to be enough to hang right with the small pack we had. When we arrived home a friend and I quickly changed into our running shoes and off we went for our run. Mentally I was gassed by mile 3 and the last mile back to the house was hard… very hard. I am glad to have had her along with me. She knows just when to push me!

Ride: 29 mile / 16.4 mph pace
Run: 4.2 miles / 8:52 pace

I am chalking the energy level drop to sleep etc. and moving on. I am pounding a recovery drink daily and making sure I am eating small meals throughout the day. Yesterday was much better. I ran and then did a great swim workout. Trying to re-learn flip turns and moving right along in the swim workouts that I am following. Even my run was better and I did not feel nearly as tired. I continue to feel my pace improving and will do a 8-10 mile long run this weekend.

Two weeks until the Ride with Ronald Charity Ride – 65 miles….
Six weeks until the Iron Girl Tri….
Seven weeks until I begin my focus on some serious trail miles to prepare for my November MMTR 50 mile race.

Scott and I are planning some things together for later this year and the beginning of next year. Will let you know once we have signed up and paid the entry fees. We may not train the best together but we do have fun on the event day.



Wes said...

I love it when our comments cross in the virtual world :-) All this cross training is going to make you a kick-asser trail runner! Woot!

Kevin said...

Youve got a great pace off the bike. You are going to do great at iron girl. 50 Mile Trail race...sounds interesting one of these days I want to work up to something like that

jen said...

Great job. I'd defintely call that hammering. You probably just ride with a fast group, you'll be keeping up in no time.

I have also been paying more attention to my diet in order to avoid feeling too run-down. I think all this swimming and biking takes a lot out of us runners! Our bodies were so used to running, and so effecient at it, that it did not cause as much fatigue as this new stuff does. But I don't have a go-to recovery drink... besides chocolate milk. :) What do you drink?

Greg On the Run said...

Great job. One day .. one day I'll get back on a bike.

Happy Trails said...

You go girl!!! Remember, we've all had those days. Last year in the 120 degree heat index on the top of Paris Mtn. I love that little stream. Gonna see it this Saturday. What time are we running?

KK said...

great workouts, again.

Fighting fatigue is so hard. Wish I had some words of wisdom for you, but I don't :(.

Have a great weeekend!

scott keeps running said...

sleep is a dear friend of mine. :)

Journey to a Centum said...

Sounds like you are training and fueling well. Guess you just need to suck it up and wait till your body adjusts or rebels!

I think biking really helps with running. Especially trail running because it seems to work the flexors more.

Keep up the great work, you too are a machine!

Trail Scat

J~Mom said...

Sounds like you have lots of fun planned! I am excited for your upcoming races!

Bob Gentile said...

those days when we feel a bit off is a great mental challenge day to keep on pushing and block out how chitty we feel :-)

Your doing great!!