Thursday, August 28, 2008

Resistance Belt...WHAT?!!

Wasn’t this a Recovery Week on the schedule??

Seems that my body did not get the full benefit to what some call a recovery week in training.

Sunday: 6 miles (8:40 pace)
Monday: full body weight workout / 5 miles (8:48 pace) (finished this run at 9:30pm! High School Open House last longer than I thought)
Tuesday: 4 mile run (8:45 pace) / Finning Class (see details below)
Wednesday: full body workout / 8 miles (8:45 pace) (rained for almost the entire run…loved it!)
Thursday: Bike (90 minutes) maybe a swim following
Friday: REST DAY

So my true relief will be my long run this Saturday of 12 to 14 miles. I better enjoy it because my next several long runs will be 22, 24, 26, and then 31 before my next recovery long run of 18. Will be a tiring build over the next 4 weeks BUT that just brings me closer to MMTR!!
The Finning class on Tuesday was my 14 year olds idea. No way I would pass up a chance to work out with him. A family that is active is an awesome thing! Anyway, we arrived to the pool and the instructor placed us together in the same lane as a team. We would spend the next hour doing continuous drills of all sort of various things. Everything was fine…until… she announced that we would end the class with Resistance Belt Drills. I had no idea what this meant and after the demonstration I still problem..sure I can hold that for 90 seconds. Greg goes first and I cheer him on. He did great. We switch out the belt and then I begin. HOLY COW THIS IS HARDER THAN IT LOOKED. Once I finished the instructor increased the time and we did 2 more drills each at 2 minutes each. I was dead! Everyone cheered Greg on. Not for doing a great job with the class but for being one of the only teenagers to ever jump in and participate. Guess where we will be next Tuesday?... yep… Finning Class.


Runner Mom said...

Love it!!! Tell Greg how proud I am of him! I would have drowned!

I just finished a ride with KA and TS--it was great!! I actually had fun! Ready to ride with you again my friend!!
Love ya,

Judi said...

A resistant belt in the pool? Sounds very cool!

Marcy said...

Can you tell I'm not a swimmer? WTF is "Finning Class"?!? ROFLMAO!

Lookin good on the running, Momma! Real good!

Wes said...

I can't imagine a recovery long run of 18 miles :-) I'd rather fin :-D

Kevin said...

I remember those resistance bands from high school swim team. Pretty cool

18 MILE recovery run? wow

Progman2000 said...

Yikes that is some long running. I confess to having to google MMTR to see what the hell you are training for - that looks coolllllll!

RunBubbaRun said...

Interesting swimming class, never actually heard of a "finning" clas.. Yeah that "belt" would be one tough workout..

Like the long run schedule.. Sounds like your on track for a great MMTR race.

J~Mom said...

Wow!!! That sounds crazy hard!! You are going to be so strong...I mean stronger, you already are strong!!

teacherwoman said...

Wow! You have had a busy week! :) That resistant belt in the pool sounds fun! :)

BeachRunner said...

Wow that is an intense week. Great job.

Phil said...

What? Looks like they tied you to the side of the pool and yelled SPRINT! Sounds like fun (for you)

Best of luck with your next round of training.

Mendy said...

That looks very challenging and interesting all in the same thought. Lots of runs in, and seems like you're not having any pains. That's great!

Anonymous said...

The resistane belt looks crazy. How fun to do a class with your son, that is awesome.

31 miles and I was thinking my 20 was going to be far! Keep up the great work.

SLB said...

OMG! You animal and kudos to Greg!

*aron* said...

recovery run of 18 miles!!! eeek! love it :)

Michelle J said...

Hi thank you so much for your suport!

It means a lot to me!!


Laura said...

That resistance belt sounds really cool! I've never heard of finning class either though.

ShirleyPerly said...

Finning class? Hmm, that's a new one on me. I've used swim cords for stationary swimming before but never a resistance belt. Definitely harder than it looks!