Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This Saturday Scott and I are going to the Greenville Marathon/Half Marathon to cheer on several of our friends running in this event. Since this will be a first (cheering not running) we thought we would go all out and make some fun signs, bring our cow bells, and I will likely be wearing a pink bowa as well.

So anyone have any funny, yet clean ideas for our poster? I will admit that I found Eric's post on
Motivational Marathon Poster hysterical!!

On the taper front...

I am being a good girl and sticking to the taper plan. Yesterday even involved a little nap before spin class. It was heavenly!! Still cooking and baking like crazy but am trying not to indulge in all of that sweet stuff. Keeping the diet clean and alcohol free. This weekend will be my last long run of 13-15 miles. Crazy but I am excited about this run already. Maybe it is the nice fall weather.

10 days and counting......


SLB said...

Could you run MMTR in your boa?

YAY for Yaying!

ShirleyPerly said...

I've always appreciated seeing/hearing just funny stuff during marathons as well as those that are obviously motivating, like:

"Are you having fun yet?"
"Who's idea was this?"
"I could be eating Cheerios"
"Show me the money!"
"What hill?" (person standing on the steepest hill on the course)

Marcy said...

ROFLMAO AHHAHAHAHAHAH I *heart* that one. Nitmos had some funny ideas awhile back . . hang on let me find the linky:

BeachRunner said...

Way to show your support. Keep up the good work tapering.

Anonymous said...

How sad I had to laugh about that sign!!!

Have a great run this weekend.

Wes said...

It's a little late to properly train as a spectathlete for this one... I like, "You are almost there! Only 24.2 miles to go!!!" :-)

Chad in the Arizona Desert said...

Anything other than 'you are almost there.' Nobody likes that one even if it is just 50 feet from the finish line.

Good just with the taper.

sara said...

i just ran Chicago and saw some funny ones there (some are stolen from the RW thread

"Chuck Norris never ran a marathon, but you are."
"Toenails are overrated."
"Stupid sign"
"You aren't almost there"
"Chafe now, brag later"

hope you have fun!

Journey to a Centum said...

Wow! Good suggestions on your replies.

I always like:

It's the last hill.... honest

You paid for this!




Finishers Medal.... Priceless

Of course you could always use the sign that Scott saw at the Spokane Marathon but that's up to you. However I think it would lose it's punch if you said "Don't Soil Yourself".

Runner Mom said...

Ya know, I think you SHOULD run MMTR in a Boa! Can you just imagine what David H. would say???? Great photo opp too!
Love ya,

Scott said...

Well, I need to put in my suggestions...




J~Mom said...

Mendy had some good ones here...

Anonymous said...

Nothing original to write here. But, the one on Eric's made me laugh. Way to stick to the taper!!!

Peter H said...

You are SO lucky to be running in cool weather. Currently 38C here and steamy. Not even good for swimming!

Nick said...

How about:

"Run like you Stole Something"

I did this for a friend and it got a lot of attention. Many runners laughed and I even had people take pictures of me with the sign

Nick said...

I just read the last part: "alcohol free".

Don't worry, I've been drinking your share.

AddictedToEndorphins said...

I say you have a sign at the beginning of the race that says "You're almost there"


I found some lady with a sign at my marathon that said "Impossible is Nothing"--I really liked that one


You can stand where the wall is with a sign that says "Sometimes the walls are there so we can prove just how badly we want something"-Randy Pausch.